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   Chapter 958 You Kicked Mr. Mu (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8768

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"Yes. I guess she was raped by those she hired. Her cousin came here earlier, demanding justice." Daisy bit her lips and felt sad for Jessica's misfortune. It was awful when a woman was raped once. Worse, she was raped twice. She was suddenly torn between hating and pitying her.

"What? Was she really raped by those guys? I have warned her. I said she would suffer but she didn't believe me." Cynthia pursed her lips. She was never as kind-hearted as Daisy. She even liked witnessing how evil women got punished.

"Yes, she was. But she said your guys did that." Daisy knew that she shouldn't suspect Cynthia of being so cruel and committing such a crime. However, she tried to refrain from inquiring but failed. She had to do it even if it hurt Cynthia's pride.

"Well, Why didn't she tell you that I raped her in person? She does have the face to come here anyway and make trouble for us. If she wants justice, ask her to go to the police. Otherwise, she should keep quiet and try not to compromise my reputation," said Cynthia, irritably. She smiled. She had always been forthright and frank and never kept those hideous secrets from her family. However, she refused to admit anything that she hadn't done.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have suspected your integrity," said Daisy apologetically. Daisy pouted her lips as she knew that she made a mistake. She shouldn't do this even if she was curious.

"I'm fine. I know you better than you think. It was your duty that made you inquire. Don't worry. I won't put you in a dilemma." Cynthia patted Daisy on her shoulder. Those things wouldn't have bothered their mind in the past. It was just that things had changed. They had to be careful and stick to some principles in dealing with certain matters. They wouldn't want Daisy to be accidentally implicated if something went wrong unexpectedly.

"You misunderstood me, Mom. It's not my job or duty that I'm worried about. I don't want my family to get involved or even hurt," explained Daisy in a haste. Daisy valued her position and reputation in the army a long time ago because she always regarded her high rank as a bargaining chip to be Edward's wife. However, it was different now. She still loved her job but her family was more important than anything else in this world. She would doubtlessly choose her family if she was forced to make a choice between her family and her career in the army. After all, you couldn't purchase a family who loved you and would protect you at all costs no matter how successful you were in your career.

"I know. Please don't explain anything. Everything is gonna be a


"Alright. Daddy, good luck. Grandma, shall we have dinner right now? We're not supposed to be here when mommy tries to teach daddy something," said Justin. Then, he took Cynthia's hand and walked her out of the drawing room to the dining room. He didn't even give her grandma a choice to talk.

"Darling, what do you mean by saying that? You smiled so wickedly. I warn you, don't turn violent. I'm your husband and your son's father. It will become really ugly if you punch me on the face. Please, show mercy," said Edward. The CEO pretended to beg for mercy, which was laughable and funny.

"Edward, don't be a fool and behave yourself. Your son and mom might be watching you right now," said Daisy embarrassed. It was only a second after Daisy said that when she suddenly lifted her foot and kicked Edward on the leg unexpectedly and quickly.

"Ouch! How dare you kick me this way. You're being ridiculous and terrible," winced Edward with unbelievable anger. He jumped and then glowered at his wife as he thought, 'Is this woman really my wife? How could a wife kick his husband at home with the slightest provocation? What's wrong with her?'

"No more nonsense! I just teach you a lesson so you know how to treat your wife nicely and lovingly. Give it a second thought if you intend to misbehave next time," said Daisy. Then, Daisy clapped her hands, raised her head triumphantly, and walked to the dining room without even looking back at the possibly injured Edward.

"Fuck! What a dangerous wife you're. Merciless! Cruel!" said Edward. He felt aggrieved as he reached for his leg and massaged his bruise. He finally knew that when Daisy got irritated, she would not show mercy to anyone, including her beloved husband.

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