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   Chapter 957 The Confrontation (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7014

Updated: 2019-01-22 04:10

"Well said, Senior Colonel Ouyang!" Edward was surprised by Daisy's remarks. She had always been sympathetic to people. Everything she had said and done in front of Coco was so unlike her at all.

"Back off! I'll deal with you later, you trouble-maker." If Coco wasn't present, Daisy would have kicked Edward hard. All the female psychos she had met had something to do with him.

"What did I do? I just came back from a business trip." Edward felt wronged as he looked at Daisy with an innocent expression. Although Daisy was hard on him in front of another person, he wasn't mad and acted playfully instead.

"But this matter happened because of you, didn't it?" Daisy glanced at him. How could this man cause all this trouble and still have the guts to argue with her? It made Daisy angrier. Everything bad that had happened recently was all because of him.

"If you are trying to tell me how much you love each other, don't bother. It doesn't mean anything to me. I couldn't care less." Out of the blue, Coco felt helpless. Many things had made sense now that she was calm. She started to think that maybe she shouldn't have come over. However, she was still in the denial phase and the reality was too much for her to accept.

"You are quite imaginative. Like we are in the mood. Please go. If my mother-in-law really did something wrong, I won't turn a blind eye to it. If she didn't, I hope you can reflect on your conduct today. Think about whether it is right or not." As a servicewoman, she knew that she should be just and treat everyone equally. On the other hand, she was also a daughter-in-law, so it was just natural for her to be inclined to think that Cynthia was a victim and that all Coco had said was mere suspicions.

"I believe you for now, Daisy. I'm hoping that you're an honest person and won't disappoint us. I'll go." Coco knew that she wouldn't get any result even if she stayed longer. Thus, she decided to go back to the hospital and see how Jessica was doing.

"Right, go. I hope Jessica is fine even if I hate her. I was angry just now. I hope you won't take

for a while. He called to tell us not to wait for him for dinner," Cynthia replied as she glanced at Daisy. She had always liked her in her uniform. She looked aloof and dignified in it.

"All right. How are you, Mom? Are you okay?" Daisy put Justin down. He was surely growing up fast. She couldn't even carry him for long anymore.

"Me? I'm fine. Why?" Confusion was suddenly on Cynthia's face as she wondered about what she meant.

"Edward said somebody tried to harm you today. I was worried that you might have got hurt." Daisy was a bit hesitant as she waited for her response.

"Oh. That. I'm fine. Those people were stopped by the bodyguards your dad had arranged around me. They weren't even able to come near me. " Cynthia sounded complacent as she answered her question. This was the first time for her to witness the incredible skills that she had been hearing of from Jonathan.

"Well, how about Jessica? Was she hurt?" Daisy threaded carefully as she was afraid to say something wrong. She wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. She knew well that outsiders might not be able to hurt people, but sometimes casual words from family could hurt people deeply.

"No. She was fine when I left. Why are you asking? What happened?" Cynthia frowned as her senses automatically warned her that something bad had happened. She was more than sure that the woman was fine when she left.

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