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   Chapter 956 The Confrontation (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7425

Updated: 2019-01-22 04:10

"I hated you at first, Daisy. Then my opinion of you changed when I thought you were a kind woman. I was wrong. It seems that you are just as cruel as Edward," Coco said resentfully. She bit her lips in disappointment after hearing what Daisy just said.

"Thank you for your appreciation, but I don't think that I'm a kind person myself. Thus, I don't need your recognition." Daisy might be kind but she could also tell right from wrong. She never expected Coco to be good to her as she exactly knew what type of person she was. She wouldn't be here for any good reason.

"Honey, go inside. Let me handle this." Edward was a good husband. He wouldn't let Daisy be hurt out of something he was involved in.

"If you could, then you wouldn't be standing here and blocking the gate." Daisy rolled her eyes. Coco might not be one of Edward's ex-girlfriends, but she had rushed to their home directly unannounced. Daisy hated that behavior regardless of the reason. It was inconsiderate, rude, and it disturbed other people's lives.

The CEO ended up rubbing his nose in embarrassment but chose not to retort. Edward was simply the perfect model husband as he never talked back to his wife at all.

"Coco, I hope you can get to the point and stop the verbal attacks. I believe that you will not resolve your problems by causing conflicts." Daisy shifted her gaze from Edward to Coco as she assumed the posture and dignity of a Senior Colonel.

"Well, at least I just made verbal attacks. You guys hurt people brutally." Coco cast a disdainful glance at Daisy. This was the first time she had seen her in military uniform. She used to think that she was just an ordinary aloof woman, but now, Daisy's solid presence impressed her.

"Really? You might as well want to make that clear. Whom did we hurt? Be honest. Don't blame others for something you did. We won't deny it if it is our fault. Be advised, though, that if somebody reproaches us for their own doing, we won't take it silently," Daisy said solemnly, stressing "we" to send the message that she and Edward would be handling the situation as one.

"Who else? My cousin Jessica! She was once again raped by some hooligans right after seeing your mom!" Coco

een hired by Jessica, they should have taken the money and left. Why would they even do such a terrible thing? The police were working on the case and everything would be clear soon.

"You got that right. That's exactly what I meant. Learn about the facts first before you accuse someone. Otherwise, you will just make a fool of yourself. I will sue you for slander," Edward said in an icy tone. He and Jessica still had some unfinished business. Coco had the nerve to come to his house to defend her.

"Coco, I think I figured out what happened there. I guess your cousin kidnapped my mother-in-law just as she did to me before. It is possible that her plans didn't work well this time. Thus, she failed and became those hooligans' prey instead. Am I right?" Daisy suddenly found that she was evil too sometimes. She couldn't help but feel smug as she said those words. A person like Jessica, who never learned her lesson, didn't deserve pity.

"Daisy, are you gloating over my cousin's misfortunes?" Coco frowned. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"So what? You and your cousin have done so many horrible things to me. Time for me to see your karma coming." Daisy thought she had been unduly kind before, which had led to her being bullied around. Her original plan for today was to have a good rest after a whole day of work. Never had she expected herself to be standing at the gate of her home dealing with problems. Anger was seriously simmering in her.

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