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   Chapter 953 Did Her Boyfriend Hook Up With You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5932

Updated: 2019-01-22 01:53

Little Justin was squatting in a corner alone when Edward and Luke reached the school gate. Almost all his classmates were back home and it was only him who was left to wait for someone to pick him up. His cute baby face wasn't looking good because of anger. His eyes were down as he stared at his shoes. It was not even rocket science to figure out that the child was depressed.

"Justin." Edward called him softly from outside the high electric school door. The view of Justin squatting there alone squeezed his heart so bad as it reminded him of his childhood. He had experienced the same, squatting at the corner alone while waiting for someone to pick him up. The only thing different was that nobody came for him before except for the guards. While in this case, his son had him. That was why he insisted to come there no matter how busy he was. He never wanted his son to have the same bitter memories as he had.

"Daddy! I am here!" The little child quickly raised his head upon hearing that familiar voice. His gloomy looks instantly lit up as a slight smile cracked his lips. Then, he sprang out from where he was squatting and dashed towards the door. In a heartbeat, he jumped to his father's wide open arms. "Are you here to pick me up?"

"Yes! I'm sorry! Daddy is late," apologized Edward as he wrapped the kid in his strong arms and carried him. He lovingly scanned his little boy's face. Then without a word, he rubbed his nose playfully with Justin's.

"That's all right. I know you will come to pick me up," giggled the child as he put his tiny arms around his Daddy's neck. He was accustomed to waiting since Daisy had always been late due to her work before. Everything was fine with him as long as his Mommy and Daddy remembered to pick him up.


t no clue if Justin understood him or not. But he hoped that Justin would live a free and easy life. He wanted him to learn how to not give much attention to the outsiders.

"Understood, Dad! What I need to do next time it happens is to adjust my mind and think differently." Justin shut his mouth tightly after the words. He felt that what his father said was true. He needed to stay calm.

"Remember, as a man, we must be strong and rational. Only in this way can we become really good men." Edward scratched the tip of his nose. He could only influence his child but could never control nor replace him. Justin would need to learn how to live his entire life happily.

"I'll keep it in mind, Dad." Although Justin couldn't understand what Edward exactly meant by saying those, he felt the love and good intention behind it.

"Very good! You are indeed my child!" Edward said happily. Justin had always been his pride as he not only inherited all his good qualities but also his mother's kindness and courage.

"Of course, I am the World Invincible Warrior!" Justin's face beamed with pride as he heard how his Dad praised him. He was suddenly lively and all charged up.

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