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   Chapter 952 Don't Hurt Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7286

Updated: 2019-01-22 00:28

"I already told you I really don't know." Edward insisted with his lie. He feared to tell her that he already anticipated Jessica to take revenge on her all along.

"OK. Fine." Cynthia gave up on asking her son. "I'll ask Lukie instead. He will tell me everything." The woman knew that Luke was aware of everything. since he had been following Edward every day. It was only then that she stepped aside to give way for her son.

"Why would you ask him?" Edward's brows furrowed He was certain that Luke would not tell anyone about him without his permission. But dang! He would probably say everything to Edward's Mom.

"Don't you want to tell me? Then I'll have to turn to him for help!" Cynthia raised her chin as she looked at her son. Pride was on her face as she could see that she was able to corner her child.

"Fine. Let me tell you everything then. I did know that Jessica would take revenge on you. I knew my dad would be there to protect you and it was the reason why I didn't tell you. Besides, he will send some bodyguards to protect you anyway even if he is not around. What was there to take seriously?" Honesty was the only choice left for Edward. There was no point of hiding it anymore as it was obvious that his mother would do everything just to squeeze the information out of Luke.

"Oh, you fool! Are you sure you are my son? How can you not take this seriously?" Cynthia patted Edward on the back in dismay. 'Fortunately, I have a reliable husband to help me. If I had only depended on my son, it would have been me and not Jessica who is suffering now, ' she thought.

"I trusted Dad. That's why I didn't take it seriously. I didn't know that he wasn't following you like a shadow today though." He trusted his dad, which was the main reason why Edward didn't bother to tell his mother about what was going on. However, he never expected things to turn out like this.

"Speaking of that, you're the one who pissed Jessica off. Isn't it unfair that it is always me or Daisy who ends up getting hurt? How come you're always safe and sound?" Cynthia pretended to be sad as she asked. It would be good for Edward to feel a little guilty even if she wasn

by one." Cynthia rubbed her hands together anxiously. Her mistake was both stupid and unbelievable.

"He will not cry but I'm sure he'll be angry. Don't worry. He'll be fine." Edward was talking as he walked to the garage. He was halfway to it when he met Luke.

"What's the matter, Mr. Mu? Are you going out again? Did something happen?" Luke was puzzled upon seeing his master in such a hurry. They just got home. Why was he going out again?

"Yes. My mother forgot to pick up Justin. I'll pick him up now." He shut his mouth and then continued for the garage.

"Why don't you just wait at home? Let me pick him up." Luke offered as he thought that he would be following whoever picked the kid anyway. If so, why not just do it by himself, right?

"No. I'll have to pick him up myself this time or the little guy will throw a fit." Edward knew his son like the back of his hand. His little man would feel very agitated if he sent someone else to pick him up. However, he wouldn't be as angry if it was him that Justin would see right on the school gate.

"You're right. Okay then, let me drive for you." With those words, Luke ran to the garage and gave his boss no option to talk.

Edward was left frozen on his feet. He accepted Luke's offer and remained standing where he was as he waited for the car. He knew that the man would follow him anyway even if he decided to drive by himself. Therefore, why just not let Luke drive, right?

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