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   Chapter 949 A Taste Of Her Own Medicine (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6318

Updated: 2019-01-21 01:32

"All right. Now open your eyes and watch how I walk out here as I have walked in." Straightening her clothes a bit, Cynthia ignored Jessica and walked directly toward the door. Seeing that Cynthia indeed wasn't intimidated by her words, Jessica hinted to her people that they should get in Cynthia's way.

"You bet I will," replied Jessica, leaning back in her chair with a smug smile on her face. She didn't believe Cynthia had any chance of walking out safely today. One of the men tried to grab Cynthia's arm, and a card came out of nowhere, flew over, and hit the man's hand, leaving a cut so deep that the card literally stood on his hand as he growled in pain. Before anyone could figure out what just happened, more cards came. Seconds later, everyone Jessica had brought was taken down, each with multiple cuts on their hands or arms.

"What's going on? Who's out there?" Jessica began to panic. She was horrified to realize that her plan, which took her so much time and effort, was shattered so easily.

"Well, I said you couldn't stop me. now you believe me, right?" Cynthia said with a cold smile. The people who protected her were from The Mayfly, an organization with immense power in all kinds of fields. No one, not even Cynthia herself, had any idea exactly how powerful the organization truly was.

"Are you all dead? Get up and catch her. She's only a woman, for God's sake!" Jessica shouted, desperate to fight back. Though she sounded tough, she couldn't help but look around nervously. She couldn't figure out who had thrown the cards. It gave her the creeps to see that the cards were all directed at her men, without a single one hitting Cynthia who was standing right amidst those people.

"Was that sorcery?" a man who got hurt asked abruptly. Soon enough everyone felt the implications. All of the men started to panic, watching Cynthia with horror as if sh

the woman she was facing was more than she could handle.

"You're damn right, I am a witch. So you'd better wise up and stop messing with me. FYI, you should really be grateful that my husband isn't at home, or you'd be dead. Before I go, here's a piece of advice: let it go. Just stop all this and start being a good person. It's not too late to start." After she said what she needed, Cynthia walked out. She didn't know if Jessica would take her advice, but frankly, she didn't care. She still won the day. Behind her, Jessica stood there dumbfounded, face as pale as a ghost.

A pang of disappointment hit Jessica as she realized that not only Cynthia was not hurt, but the people she hired were badly injured.

"I didn't pay you to lie on the ground, you sons of bitches. Get up and bring that woman back!" Jessica said furiously. She was humiliated by the way Cynthia trampled on her plan and walked out of the tea house freely while there was nothing she could do to stop her. At the same time, she was also intimidated by those man who protected Cynthia. She didn't dare to rush out for fear of being hit by those objects that had taken down her people. They seemed to have an array of weapons, and she didn't want to find out what else they had.

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