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   Chapter 948 A Taste Of Her Own Medicine (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6037

Updated: 2019-01-21 01:00

"Yeah, you're right. Nothing is wrong with women looking at hot guys. Funny you should be expecting a honey trap from me. But seriously, since you have a great relationship with Daisy, you should pay for what she did to me." Though it had been a long time, the thought of those gross men on top of her made Jessica want to puke. Just like any other woman, deep down, she also cared about her purity. Especially when she was deeply in love with someone.

"Are you high? I have to warn you, it's not easy to make me do anything I don't want to." Despite of being surrounded by a group of men flashing evil looks, Cynthia remained calm. However, she was a little taken aback by this bold move Jessica had made. What was she thinking? It was broad daylight and they were in the downtown area of the city right now. She wondered if it had ever occurred to Jessica that what she was planning to do could be seen by other people passing by. It wouldn't take much for a passing motorist to take notice and call the cops.

"Why not? Now that I have told you what I want, don't expect to walk out here as easily as you walked in," Jessica sneered. She looked at Cynthia's graceful face and couldn't help but think about her own mother. She was a gentle woman too, but not as lucky. Not every woman could have what Cynthia had - a husband who adored her and an insanely rich son.

"I don't know if I can walk out here safe and sound, but I sure know that you can't." Having no intention of drinking any of it, Cynthia glanced at the cup of tea in front of her with a scornful look.

"Haha, What an arrogant woman! No wonder Edward is so arrogant. I guess people in your family always think that they have as much power as they can get to do whatever they want. Well, this time, I am afraid you're going to be disa

couldn't handle. Little did she know...

"You are right about them hiding in the dark. Since you already said that this is all a scam, I don't see much point wasting any more of my time here. Let's call it a day. Call me another day when you think of something fun to do," Cynthia said, standing up from her chair as if those thugs surrounding her didn't even exist. It was already enough trouble for her to come all the way there to the meeting, and she didn't intend to waste another minute talking with Jessica. A minute was too long.

"Wait a minute. Do you really think that you can walk out here that easily?" As she finished her words, Jessica briskly clapped her hands to send the signal to attack. She was irritated by the way Cynthia ignored her threat. Her people would see to that she regretted it.

"Do you think you can stop me with these guys you brought here? Don't make me laugh," Cynthia retorted contemptuously, holding her head high. There was no one in the world, expect for her family, that could threaten her into doing anything.

"Guess we'll see about that." The other side showed no sign of withdrawing. Jessica meant serious business and was confident about herself.

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