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   Chapter 946 An Old Trick (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7029

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"Are you Miss Xue? Why did you ask me to meet you here?" Cynthia studied Jessica with a look of suspicion. Somehow, a strange feeling took possession of her. This Miss Xue seemed familiar both in her appearance and behavior. But Cynthia was quite sure that she had never met Miss Xue before. She wondered why Miss Xue wanted to see her. Miss Xue even threatened to hurt Daisy if the proposed meeting was refused. That frightened Cynthia. She wondered why Miss Xue was so desperate in asking a meeting with her that she would threaten Daisy. How much did she know about her family? Although Daisy was Cynthia's daughter-in-law, she treated Daisy like her daughter. She would do everything to protect Daisy. It seemed Miss Xue knew well how she felt about Daisy, and was confident that she could call this meeting for Daisy's life on the line.

"Actually, this is not our first meeting, Mrs. Mu." Cynthia still looked young. Her beautiful face and slender figure aroused jealousy in Jessica's heart. To cover up her envy, Jessica looked at Cynthia in a cold manner. She barely held it together.

"Who are you? Should I know you?" Cynthia took her seat in Jessica's opposite. Wearing delicate make-up and dressing herself up gorgeously, Cynthia looked like a lady enlivened from a Renaissance picture. Her graceful behavior added to her noble air.

"Aha, what a terrible memory you have, Mrs. Mu. I never imagined you'd forget me so easily. I'm your son's ex. You should remember me. Your son gave me a baby, and I almost gave birth to it." Jessica could not help but feel hurt when she spoke of the baby she lost. She no longer had feelings for Edward, but the wound of the miscarriage was still raw. After all, it used to be part of herself. That miscarriage had even made her infertile. The wound which would never heal, only left her with everlasting agony.

"You're Jessica. But you look so different." Cynthia finally realized Miss Xue's true identity by her mentioning of the baby. How could it be possible for her to forget Jessica and her miscarried baby. She had claimed that the baby was her g

met. Do you agree? Daisy is my daughter-in-law. I know what type of woman she is. Even if she hurts me in the future as you said, I will not blame it on her. I will do everything I can to protect her, and she deserves it," said Cynthia coldly. But her calm tones only upset Jessica even more. It was unbearable that her suffering and agony meant nothing in others' eyes.

"I have made a mistake reaching out to you. Since you are stupid enough to have Daisy as your daughter-in-law, then you must pay. What other advice can I give you?"said Jessica. She stared at Cynthia in a cold manner, expecting to see her get enraged. But not a wrinkle was furrowed on Cynthia's forehead. She had retained her aloof attitude ever since the beginning of their conversation. Jessica finally became enraged, and her plan to anger and humiliate Cynthia had failed. She was no more than a joke in Cynthia's eyes.

"Mind your own business, Jessica. The affairs of the Mu family have nothing to do with you. Please stop poking your nose into our business. You haven't learned too much from your past experience, have you? Do you want me to teach you another lesson? Or you really think that I'm stupid enough to know nothing about why you were trying to meet with me?" Cynthia flashed a charming smile at Jessica. It resembled the one on Edward's face so much. Obviously, that was a trait inherited from his mother.

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