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   Chapter 942 Do You Regret (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6492

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"If she loves you, she'll do anything for you. That's a simple test."This was how Louisa tried to make herself look better than Leena, by indicating that she'd do everything for Kevin. Louisa was well aware that Leena was stiff competition.

"So you're okay if your husband lies around all day and never does anything for you? You'd keep loving a guy like that?" It was normal for a husband and wife to share household chores. But how could Louisa think Leena was lazy and averse to housework? Kevin was furious.

"Depends on the work he's doing. If he does what you do, I wouldn't complain. I'd keep the house nice for you, so when you come home you could relax. Not like her." Louisa spat the last word, and indicated Leena with a tilt of her head.Actually, Louisa was baring her heart to Kevin rather than making small talk.

"You just don't know Leena. She's grown a lot since we first got together. Besides, she completely changed how I felt about rich kids. She's a wonderful sweet girl, despite having the potential to be really stuck up."Kevin smiled amiably. He had already noticed Leena's many virtues. There was more to her than just a pretty face.

"Of course. She grew up a Cinderella girl. And now she's rich after marrying you," said Louisa ironically.Louisa didn't understand what Kevin was talking about. There was no way this gal was from wealthy family. Her bearing, her cloying innocence, no way! She firmly believed that Leena must have married Kevin for the money.

"It's not like that. Leena is the one with the family and the money -- never mind. Why am I even explaining this to you? Here's the elevator. I'll see you out. Goodbye," said Kevin.Kevin pushed the elevator button, and shook his head helplessly. He found it ridiculous to have to tell Louisa how it was. His married life was his private business. She should have never tried to intrude.

"Yeah. See you later," answered Louisa disappointedly.She

special bond that no outsider could ever touch. Even outside the military, they remained good pals. She was just the daughter of one of those friends.

"Do you really think Louisa's all that innocent?" Kevin frowned, and thought that Leena was unusually reasonable. Was it normal for a loving wife to respond this way? Had he gotten her all wrong? 'Maybe she doesn't love me as much as I thought. Otherwise, why would she not care that another woman came to her house to steal her hubby?' thought Kevin bitterly.

"How do you want me to react? Scream? Yell? I'm not that kind of woman! What? You think of me as a country bumpkin too?" Leena looked at her husband in bewilderment. She had been well-educated since childhood. Although she was a bit naive, she certainly would never allow herself to be provoked that way. She was a lady of refinement, elegance, and grace, despite her youthful exuberance. Flying into a rage was beneath her.

"I thought you hadn't been bothered at all. Obviously I was wrong.You do take her seriously, don't you?" Kevin couldn't help smiling. Leena's calmness and indifference had made him think that she was delusional and just pretended Louisa didn't exist. It turned out that she did care about him, at least as much as a devoted wife was supposed to do.

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