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   Chapter 941 She Doesn't Love You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7071

Updated: 2019-01-20 01:46

"Bah! You are talking nonsense! Do you even know who I am? Unlike you, I'm from a rich family and I have servants," Louisa said with the pride of a peacock.

"Yes, you are. But Kevin and I are from average families. We have to share the housework, otherwise it would be too tiring if just one of us do all of it." Leena liked cooking for Kevin, but didn't like to wash the dishes as she hated to touch the grease. She had wanted to buy a dish-washing machine, but Kevin said he would wash the dishes in the future. Leena was glad to accept his offer.

"That's only because you're too lazy to wash the dishes. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?" Louisa found that no matter what she said, Leena just didn't take it seriously. Leena didn't seem angry at all! Louisa's frustration crept up to her.

"Why should I feel ashamed of myself? He is my husband. He loves me and cares about me. Is there something wrong with that?" The reason why Leena sat here and made small talk with Louisa was because she was a welcoming host. But that didn't mean that she was happy talking to Louisa. Truthfully, Leena wanted to throw Louisa out so badly.

"Leena Leng, are you trying to gloat about the love between you and Kevin in front of me?" Louisa asked angrily. She couldn't believe what Leena was saying.

"No, I don't have to gloat about our love. It is naturally obvious. But I guess you lack love, huh?" Leena couldn't help but taunt Louisa. She was a smooth talker. After all, he that lies down with dogs, rises up with fleas. Leena's brothers all had glib tongues.

"What are you two talking about? You are talking very happily." Kevin asked as he walked out of the kitchen, picking up a paper towel to wipe his hands.

"Hey, Kevin, take a seat." Louisa scooted over to make room to Kevin. To her disappointment, Kevin walked right to Leena and sat down next to her. They looked intimate sitting together.

"Are you done?" Leena asked as she poured out a glass of water and handed it to him. After having lived with Kevin for some time, she had noticed that he was used to drinking a glass of water after his me

elp but ask Kevin. In her eyes, she was the only person in the world who deserved him. They were made for each other.

"Not this again. Why? I think Leena and I are perfect together." Kevin wanted to scold her, but bit back his words. He didn't think it was necessary to argue with her. Louisa had gone off the deep end, and nobody was able to sober her up. Kevin could only tell her that he loved Leena very much and that it was of no use if she tried to create trouble for them.

"She doesn't deserve you at all! You were exhausted after a day's work, but she didn't care about you and even asked you to do the housework. Aren't you mad about that?" Louisa pursed her lips as she complained.

"You think men shouldn't do housework? And what about women? You think women should do all of it?" Kevin asked in disbelief. Louisa was a woman. Why did she always take men's side?

"I didn't mean to say that. She doesn't love you, Kevin," she said, her lips trembling. Louisa wanted to tell him that it was she who loved him, but was too timid to say it out loud.

"So according to you, if you love someone, you should do all the housework? I don't think that logic is right." Kevin knew how much Leena loved him — though she'd never said it in front of him — but he could tell. Even if he was unable to love her fully right now, he believed that she would be the only woman in his heart sooner or later.

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