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   Chapter 939 My Only Wife (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5848

Updated: 2019-01-20 00:50

"Well, since it's dinner time, why don't you stay and have supper with us?" Leena was indeed very kind. Though she was still mad at Louisa, she couldn't just forget her manners. That was why she asked her to stay for dinner.

"Yeah. Leena is right. Have dinner with us. You are not a stranger here anyway." Kevin said, only because he had a good relationship with Louisa's father, the commander. But to Leena, the words sounded different. She looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, then silently turned around and started walking towards the kitchen area. Now it was up to Louisa if she wanted to stay for dinner or not. Leena had already asked her politely. She was being too nice about what just happened. But it was not her business anymore.

"Thank you for your offer, but I don't want to intrude. I can go home and have dinner myself." Though Louisa was indeed glad at their suggestion, she reluctantly declined their offer. She didn't want to seem so eager. However, the thought of staying at Kevin's place for some more time delighted her.

"That's alright. You are not intruding. Just stay for dinner, will you?" Since Leena already invited Louisa to join them for dinner, he couldn't just pick a fight and disagree with his wife. At the same time he thought of the commander, realizing that it would not be nice of him to ask his daughter to leave immediately. After all, she was like a little sister to him. All in all, he couldn't be displeased about this and throw her out.

"Okay, if you insist." Louisa wanted to stay not because she was hungry and had to eat. She just wanted to see if Leena was a good cook. After all, she was not a wealthy girl. If she was not even a good cook, then what did Kevin see in her? Louisa was bitte

she still disliked her very much. Kevin was also here and he seemed to be very protective of Leena. Louisa didn't want to leave a bad impression in front of him. However, she didn't realize that Kevin was already angry at her for her actions earlier.

"You are very lucky today. Let me tell you, Leena is a very good cook. You are in for a treat." Kevin was never shy about complimenting Leena's culinary skills in front of others. To him, it was rare for a girl from a wealthy family to be able to cook. And Leena was not just able to cook, she also made very delicious meals. He wouldn't have imagined that a spoiled girl like Leena could do all that before he met her. She was a precious woman indeed.

"Yeah, okay. I have heard about that most children from poor families can cook. After all, they have to manage the household affairs early, right?" Kevin had said that the mysterious, handsome man she saw meeting Leena was her brother. And from the way he dressed, Louisa knew that he must be very rich. However, she just couldn't bite her tongue. She spat out the mean words. It seemed like this was the only way she could do to make herself feel better.

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