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   Chapter 938 My Only Wife (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6064

Updated: 2019-01-20 00:28

"Miss Ye, I was not under the impression that I was such an insufferable woman in your eyes! Don't you think you are being awfully rude to me inside my own house? Just unbelievable!" Leena finally asserted, when she couldn't bear to listen to what was being said about her. She knew that Louisa didn't like her, for whatever reason, but she couldn't take her being this disrespectful incessantly! According to Leena, Louisa was a self-centered and selfish woman who didn't consider other people's feelings. That deeply disgusted her. She was insufferable.

"Well, you should know my answer to your question. Why are you even asking me?" Louisa smirked, aiming her eyes towards Leena. She was so engrossed in vilifying Leena that she completely forgot where she was standing at the moment. Moreover, she had no idea who she was trash talking about.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what you are talking about. My family has raised me right. They taught me to be a kind woman, and not judge people by their appearances or family background." Leena was vexed with Louisa's attitude toward her. Why the hell was she acting like she had a right to belittle her? How could she be so conceited? There was a deep frown on Leena's adorable face. It was clear that she was pissed off. She stared at Louisa with eyes full of wrath.

"You mean to say that I've not been taught good manners?" Louisa immediately retorted, quite sensitive about this topic herself. She understood what Leena was getting at.

"I didn't say that. But if you'd like to think so, then I don't have anything more to say." In all honesty, Leena rarely got mad. She was such a nice and easy-going person most of the time. Even though she was from a rich family, it didn't change the fact that she had an exceedingly kind heart. She was the type of girl who

timate with another man.

"Well! Do you really think that being close to one's own brother is inappropriate?" Kevin asked her in return. At the same time, he didn't understand why he was bothering to explain this to Louisa. She was just an uninvited guest. This was none of her business. She didn't have the right to judge their family at all. Besides, he had faith in Leena.

"W...what? Brother?" Louisa stuttered, astonished at Kevin's words. Reluctantly, she turned to look at Leena. She couldn't believe that the mysterious man was her brother. That man was dressed so elegantly and looked so wealthy. But Leena? Leena just looked like an ordinary girl.

"Yes, 'brother'. Now, do you have any more questions to ask? If not, we are planning to have dinner now." Kevin told her caustically. He was discreetly asking her to leave because she was interfering with their plans. He didn't make it so obvious because it was up to Louisa herself to leave.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I completely forgot about that. I will get going.I'm really sorry for holding up your dinner." Louisa bit her lower lip, speaking reluctantly. To be frank, she didn't want to leave at all, but she didn't have anymore reason to stay.

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