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   Chapter 933 You Know Kevin (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6328

Updated: 2019-01-19 01:59

"Babe, you're a senior colonel. How could you get angry at a loser like Jessica? But didn't you say there was an inspection? Wouldn't that require everyone to be on the base? Why would you be downtown?" After flattering her, Edward decided to satisfy his curiosity. He remembered that she told him she didn't have time to go out to lunch, that she'd grab something at the post-exchange on base. As for the post-exchange, Edward thought that was one of the worst retail stores he'd seen, but it didn't have to be posh. It had to be functional, as only active-duty personnel, retired military, and their families shopped there.

"Yeah. I got an assignment, a top-secret mission. It required me to go into town. And Kevin is there to take care of the inspection. And don't change the subject. Why was Jessica in your office today?" It was not that Daisy didn't believe him. She just wondered why Jessica would have confronted her that way, and said the oddest things.

"It's nothing. She wanted to threaten me with the stock of MY Mall. She thinks she can buy me out." Seeing that Daisy had calmed down, Edward was relieved. He knew Daisy, she had a hot temper. But it was easy to make her calm down if there was a good explanation that she thought was justified. And he was confident enough to pull this off and make her see things his way.

"Why does she have any stock of MY Mall at all? Can she really do anything?" Daisy didn't know much about business, so she had no idea how this could affect the FX International Group. Was Jessica a threat?

"It's okay. Everything's under control. Don't worry. Just protect yourself. I'll handle everything else." Edward knew women well. He understood how crazy a woman would become when she lost her head. He worried that Jessica might hurt Daisy when she became insane.

"You never give me a straight answer. Quit jerking me around. Is everything

comfortable with them around." Unlike Edward, who got used to being followed by bodyguards wherever he went, Daisy wasn't happy being followed by anyone. It was just her nature to be independent and alone.

"Would it be okay if I ask them to watch you from a distance? I can't help worrying about you if there is no one around you." Edward insisted on his plan when it came to the issue of ensuring Daisy's safety. He had his own considerations. His peace of mind was ensuring his family was safe, happy, and healthy. That was his main priority. Everything else came second.

"I don't need anyone else watching my every move. I'm not a tycoon, I'm a soldier. I don't need a retinue. This will be a huge problem to me in the military, or in missions involving stealth." Daisy didn't want to be privileged. And she didn't want others to think that she belonged to the group of people who could enjoy special privileges.

"Okay, I'll call them off. But get Mark to follow you wherever you go. He's your guard, anyway. This way you can feel better about having someone watching your back."Edward folded. He never gave any kind of ground to anyone except Daisy. This was the one thing he could do nothing about. He could ignore anyone's opinion, but never hers.

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