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   Chapter 928 A Deal Offered By Jessica (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5593

Updated: 2019-01-18 05:57

"Miss, wait for a second, please. You are not allowed to enter the building because you are not working here." A security guard stopped Jessica as soon as she entered. A grand company like FX International Group was always equipped with a mature security system.

"I'm here to see your CEO. Are you sure to stop me here?" Jessica said arrogantly as she raised her eyebrow. She looked at the guard talking to her scornfully. She was indeed Jessica Lin, the arrogant and proud woman.

"Yes, I see. But may I know if you have an appointment with him?" questioned the guard patiently. It was his responsibility to check every guest visiting FX International Group. He was not sure whether she was a key account to his CEO or not since the clothes she was wearing were all world-famous brands.

"No. Please tell your CEO that Melissa Xue wants to talk to him. I'm sure that he will definitely say yes." Jessica dared not tell her real name out. She had often come there in the past thus, many people knew her. They knew her name and original face of course. However, she had a new face. No one would believe that she was Jessica Lin. They would probably consider her crazy if she told them her real name. She had no plan of losing her chance to meet Edward that way. Plus, that would be a huge humiliation.

"I'm sorry, miss! I'm afraid that I can't tell our CEO about your visit without an appointment." The guard rejected her request decisively when he heard that she had no appointment.

"Are you rejecting me? Are you sure you can take the responsibility if you mess up the business between me and your CEO?" Jessica warned with a cold smile. She was sure that Edward w

sion was still distant. He looked quite comfortable though and spoke politely as if he was talking to a real guest.

"Stop pretending, Edward Mu. I know that you already know who I am. It's not interesting should you continue talking with me like that." Fist clenched, Jessica kept warning herself that she shouldn't be obsessed with him anymore. She came here to make a deal with him and not to beg for forgiveness. Scorn her though for she couldn't resist his charm.

"Who you are? What? Miss Xue, do you have another hidden identity? Well, why don't you show me?" teased Edward with a sly smile. 'Jessica, Jessica. Do you know why you are always in a passive state? You are not patient enough despite all the hardship you've been through, ' Edward thought.

"Do you think you are funny to conceal the fact that you already know who I am? For God's sake, stop it please. And don't forget this, I have the thing you want the most." Jessica felt upset since Edward seemed to be unaffected by her. He remained distant and indifferent. She felt like a clown who was performing in front of him. She felt ashamed.

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