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   Chapter 926 A Deal Offered By Jessica (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5346

Updated: 2019-01-18 02:29

"Well, suit yourself! I hope you will not regret it." Coco took a look at her with a thoughtful expression. Hadn't she already claimed that she wouldn't be obsessed with Edward Mu anymore? Well, that wasn't how she saw it. Jessica's action seemed to be the complete opposite of what she claimed. She even seemed to drift deeper and deeper into her obsession with Edward.

Jessica's eyes dimmed slightly. She'd already been in such a terrible situation. Was there still any way out for her? She'd already lost the most precious thing a woman could possess. What else was there to care about? It was already hopeless for her.

"Do you think there is still any chance for me to repent? I've already done so many unforgivable things. I came this far. There's no turning back anymore. I don't have the options for that." Sadness was on Jessica's voice. She touched her face slightly and smiled. The face she wore wasn't her original face no matter how beautiful it was. It was the same with her life that went off-tracked from her original plans. She could have lived a better life.

"But you may end up even more miserable than that if you continue with your plan. Is that what you really want? Jessica, don't be so stubborn. I'm worried about you." Emptiness was in Coco's eyes as she shifted her stare from her cousin. She wondered about what went wrong. No one was wrong or should be blamed if she would consider how all their emotions got tangled up. It would only leave love to be blamed. Loving the wrong man was the saddest thing a woman could ever do. Edward would never belong to either her or

"Well, only you know your real thoughts. I'm not going to make any comments. Aunt is in the room. You can go inside to have a look at her. I'm going to the kitchen to check her medicine." Just then, Coco turned around and walked away, the white hemline of her dress raised slightly. She seemed to be quite light-hearted. She was an aloof beauty and not a bad woman originally. She had figured out everything and knew that her passion for Edward would never get any response. She decided to let it go and freed herself from her illusions about Edward. A kind heart would make a woman look more beautiful and charming.

The excitement was inevitable for Jessica as she saw her mother again. It was the first time for her to come there since her surgery. She was happy to see her mother but at the same time anxious. She had her face changed completely and it scared her that she might not recognize her.

"Sorry, Mom. I'm sorry I didn't come here until today." She choked with a sob. Sorrow instantly ate her upon seeing her mother's empty and emotionless eyes.

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