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   Chapter 922 The Acquisition (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6275

Updated: 2019-01-17 01:05

"Do not worry, Melissa. Don't forget that we hold 60% shares of MY Mall. We don't need to be afraid. He couldn't really acquire Kompass Group." Shaun said through gritted teeth. Those damn fence-sitters! How could they sell the company shares secretly! He would give them a good lesson after he went back. Did FX International really think that if they held 40% of the shares, they would make him give in? It was impossible! They must have forgotten that he had the majority of the shares. In any case, he was the biggest stakeholder of Kompass Group. Even if Edward purchased the remaining stakes, what could he do? It was pointless. It was obvious to Shaun that he was in charge of the company as he held 60% of the shares.

"That is true. However, we will have to exchange the Kompass Group for MY Mall. In any respect, it seems that we are losing." Melissa did not find comfort in Shaun's words. She knew Edward better than anyone else. She had experienced first hand his skills in business. It was well-known that he was an expert at offending others, but no one could take the slightest advantage of him. Melissa calmed down, suspecting that letting Shaun purchase the shares of MY Mall had been Edward's intention. Did he deliberately turn a blind eye to Shaun's acquisition so that he threw in all his investments? This way, he could cut off Shaun's cash flow, giving him no opportunity to collect back the stocks of Kompass Group if need be. Shaun would be stuck in the middle, with no room to move around.

"Hmm. No. That is impossible. Things have not come to a head yet. It is too early to predict who wins and who loses." Shaun smiled coldly. It seemed that the war between him and Edward was out in the open. They both knew the other's objective.

"It is not easy to handle Edward, Shaun. I advise you to be careful. Once he starts, it won't be easy to detect hi

company's stock price, we will come back." Shaun kissed her on the lips gently. Keeping aside some things that bothered him, he really liked Melissa. He just didn't know how long such a liking could endure. After all, only a handful of rich people were faithful to their lovers.

"Shaun, let me think on it for a while. How about you go back first? I will stay here for a couple of days more and meet you at H City later?" Melissa was unwilling to leave. She failed in taking her revenge. And now, she had to evacuate this place like a loser! It was hard for her to accept this reality. It was so embarrassing to realize that Edward and the others had figured out her identity. Otherwise, Daisy would not have called her by her name that day! Melissa did not want to give up yet. She wanted to stay and plan her next steps.

"Why do you even want to stay here? Give me a reason! I'll consider it if you can persuade me." Shaun's casual tone faded as he regarded her seriously. 'Is she hiding something from me?' he wondered.

"Didn't I mention it to you before? I have a cousin who lives here. I would like to visit her before leaving. I will go to H City later and see you. Is that fine?" Melissa explained cautiously, watching his expression.

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