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   Chapter 920 The Acquisition (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6829

Updated: 2019-01-17 01:19

"Before I am your wife, I am a wise person first." Belinda smiled, suddenly recalling the previous cold Duke. Although he was very cocky and domineering, that kind of coldness attracted Belinda most at the beginning.

"Hah! Duke, she means that you are not a wise person yourself. Your IQ needs to be evaluated again!" Leena was happy to see the both of them quarrel with each other. This way, they were not focusing on her any longer. Leena immediately added fuel to the fire.

"Leena, I know that. You don't need to explain it to me!" Duke narrowed his eyes as he glared at Leena. Leena must have forgotten who brought her up! She had started to be partial to Belinda after he married her. This time, Leena even had the gall to chuckle at his setback. 'What an ungrateful girl!' Duke thought, with a cold expression on his face.

"Little girl, haven't you heard of that saying? Never interfere in the matters between husband and wife. Come and sit with me! Let's be the bystanders, in case you are swept away by their angry typhoon." Edward waved to Leena. It seemed that this girl did not realize how a couple played cat and mouse with each other. In fact, sometimes, a certain amount of quarrels demonstrated the love.

"You are right! I'd better keep away from them. Otherwise, they would kill me." As she said that, Leena stood up and moved to sit next to Edward to keep away from Duke.

"You roguish girl," Belinda uttered, clenching her teeth. "The reason why we are having a row is because of you! And now, you sit back, staying out of it!" Confronted with the embarrassing situation, Belinda did not know whether to laugh or cry. What on earth had she done just now? Making trouble for herself? Belinda widened her beautiful eyes as she glanced at Leena.

"No, no, no. How could I do that? I just wanted to give you and Duke some private spaces. That way, you can get into a fight without any concerns." Leena looked back at Belinda, blinking her innocent eyes. Even though she had worsened the situation, Leena was delighted

A sad expression came upon her face, as did a hint of panic in her voice. She turned to Duke for help, looking at her dear brother with big puppy eyes. However, Duke shook his head, turning a deaf ear to Leena's cry for help. 'What a mean brother Duke is!' Leena thought to herself. 'He must be angry about the quarrel I started between him and Belinda!'

"Yes. your immunity has somewhat decreased recently. You have to take medicines. They will help you recuperate." Leena had been weak and sick since her childhood. Although she was in much better shape as an adult, her constitution was still delicate and she often got ill. That was why Tom paid great attention to her health.

"It's not serious, is it?" Edward was worried after hearing Tom's words. After all, they all knew of Leena's physical condition very well. To put it bluntly, the girl grew up with medicines when she was little. She only slightly got better after the age of ten. Then, with Tom's good and careful nursing, Leena experienced great improvements. At least she did not need to take medicines every day anymore. However, it did not mean that she was as fit and healthy as other people. This was the reason why Duke had rushed to take care of her last time, when Leena caught a cold back in France. Duke had been afraid that Leena's cold would get worse because of her poor health.

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