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   Chapter 919 Petty Bourgeois (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7268

Updated: 2019-01-17 00:52

"You know damn well this is who I am. Where is Tom? Why don't I see him?" Edward was always the last one to the party, so he was surprised that he hadn't seen Tom yet.

"Oh, right. He just called and said that he would get a little bit late because of an important patient." Duke shrugged his shoulders and continued," I wonder if it's an excuse. As far as I know, he shows respect for nobody, but he is working overtime today. That patient must be a big cheese in the city."

"An important patient?" Edward sneered," Maybe it's a critical member of the government." He knew the officials in the city were cheap. They often turned to him for help, but it was never the other way round. His conscience was clear over his legitimate business, so he did not need to ask them for help.

"I have no idea. The mayor's election is approaching. Maybe something is about to happen." Duke wasn't familiar with the officials. To put it bluntly, he didn't want to work hand in glove with them at all. He had a clear conscience. No matter who became the mayor, it was the same to him.

"Who cares? We never care about politics, and we're not qualified to take part in it. We'd better do what we should do." Edward gave him a smile laced with cynicism. The officialdom was complicated. Only those who played according to the circumstances could have a foothold there. Edward wasn't willing to associate with those wicked people.

"You're right. Walls have ears. Don't discuss this right now. Aren't you afraid that Daisy might be implicated?" What Edward said made sense, but he couldn't ignore the fact that his wife was a military officer.

"There is nothing to worry about. Her army base keeps aloof from the mess." Edward didn't worry about it. It was no big deal. If worst came to worst, Daisy could resign and stay at home. In any case, her job was very dangerous. Edward wouldn't need to worry over her if she quit.

"Right. They are directly under the control of the Central Military Commission. They don't have any dealings with the officials." Duke pouted his lips as a look of contemplative interest spread on his cold face. He chose to take a wait-and-see attitude to

to get calcium supplements. You should do that." Edward tried not to smile. Duke rarely made a show of himself. How could he not seize the chance to jeer at him?

"I'm not at any turning point of my life! It must be your sister who reaches menopause!" Duke uttered thoughtlessly, spluttering with rage. What Edward said infuriated him.

"Duke..." It wasn't Edward who was affected by the comment, but Leena who was sitting beside him. She looked at Duke with a pointed but innocent look. Didn't he know that she was Edward's sister too? Why did he say that?

"Ha ha! That's hilarious!" Edward burst into laughter as he saw the embarrassing expression on Leena's face. He didn't have to argue back at all. Someone else had done that.

"Well, sorry. I forgot you were also his sister." After making an apology to Leena, Duke turned to glare at Edward. 'You're the one at fault. You should apologize! If you hadn't provoked me so much, I wouldn't have said that, ' Duke thought in his mind.

"Wow! Look at what you have done now." Belinda looked at Duke coldly and thought with a hint of sarcasm, 'You moron, didn't you know that it was a trap set up by Edward? You fell into it blindly.'

"Belinda, you are my wife. Why are you taking his side?" Duke fumed, already vexed with Edward. What was worse, Belinda was now poking fun at him. He narrowed his eyes at her in warning. His dark look frightened her, so she leaned back instinctively.

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