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   Chapter 918 Petty Bourgeois (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8411

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What a small world it was. Leena didn't expect to meet that woman again, who had beat her in getting the pair of earrings that had caught her eye back in the jewelry store. She was right at the door of Tender Whispers. The woman looked at Leena with disdain. Leena proudly raised her chin as she shot daggers at her, refusing to feel patronized by this woman's arrogance.

"Hmph. Bitch! What an obnoxious hick. In trying to buy the earrings I took a liking to, you bit off more than you could chew." Louisa had also recognized Leena. Back at the store, she got involved in a flaming row with Leena. Her rude remarks had offended Louisa a lot, so how could she forget her?

"Now, wait a minute. What did you say? That I'm an obnoxious hick?" Leena clenched her teeth in bitter hatred. As a dress designer, she kept up to date with the latest trends. Her customers scrambled to get her fashionable designs. No one ever said that she was a country bumpkin.

"Why, are you deaf? Did you not hear me?" Louisa sneered, glancing sideways at Leena. "Look at you! Only the people at the bottom of the heap wear such casual sports wear. You know what? The earrings clearly weren't meant for you. Do you know how expensive they were? Could you even afford them?"

"Miss, do we know each other? Do we have a grudge against each other or something? Why are you making these scathing comments? Also, I'm not an obnoxious hick by any means."Leena looked down at her attire. Her clothes and shoes were from famous brands in France. Why did Louisa say that she was a rube?

"Oh, don't you know?" Louisa looked down at Leena condescendingly. "Figure it out yourself. Do you really need me to tell you?" Louisa said, assuming an air of superiority. In her eyes, Leena wore knockoffs. She could not afford branded items.

"Sorry, but I don't think I look shabby at all." Leena chose to ignore Louisa. She was waiting for Edward here; otherwise she would have left and not bother herself to talk nonsense with Louisa.

"You have terrible taste. You are just not aware of it." Louisa smoothed her dress that was of the first rate, showing off her money as she patronized Leena.

"Well, you are right. I'm petty bourgeois, and I look uncool. Why are you condescending yourself to argue with me? That's very inferior of you." Leena gazed at her coolly. She didn't want to reveal her true identity to such a bumptious woman, or even argue with her. She knew the brand of Louisa's dress, but she disdained buying it. 'What makes her

wonder Leena wore a turtleneck sweater today.

"I wanted to surprise you. See, you're happy to see me." Leena acted like a spoiled child as Belinda babied her. After Belinda let her go, Leena walked up to Duke and threw herself into his arms.

"Why didn't you ask us to pick you up at the airport?" Duke softly blamed Leena as he hugged her. His eyes were full of tenderness.

"I could go home myself, so I didn't want to bother you. Duke, you seem to have changed a lot. It must be because of Belinda." Leena smiled brightly. She looked adorable and charming.

"Have I? You must be kidding. I'm who I used to be. Don't deliberately change the subject." Duke knitted his brows. Leena's tricks didn't work on him. As her brother, Duke knew her like the palm of his own hand. He knew she wanted something whenever she complimented him. She was trying to change the subject so that Duke wouldn't continue to blame her.

"I don't. I am serious! You've really changed. If you don't believe me, you can ask Edward. I bet he's thinking the same thing. Am I right, Edward?" Leena blinked at Edward, casting an imploring glance in his direction. She hoped that he would take her side.

"Yes. I agree. Duke, you've really changed. You're more like a beast now," Edward said in a no-nonsense voice while sitting down on the couch, as if what he said was indeed true.

"Wait. What? You're the beast, not me! I haven't seen you in quite a few days. You've become even more annoying." Duke rolled his eyes at Edward as he led Leena to another couch. With Leena and Belinda sitting beside him, he was the happiest man in the world, as the two women he liked the most were here.

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