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   Chapter 912 An Cartier Watch (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6234

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"I just remember it tonight. They also said that I must bring you with me. Are you free next week? We may need a few days. Can you arrange some free time for it?" asked Kevin. Although Leena did not need to go to work, it did not mean she had no other things to do. Thus it was necessary for her to know things like this in advance.

"Well! Don't worry about me, I'll be free at any time. How about you though? Can you get that much vacation?" Leena tilted her head as she looked at him. She was still uneasy. This would be the first time for her to meet Kevin's family and she did not know if she and his family would get along.

"That's OK. I haven't taken my vacation this year. I'll just tell the Commander. It will be okay. There aren't any big holidays these days so we're not really that busy," answered Kevin. He took the towel from her hand and helped her dry her hair. She was still busy drying herself but was only keeping drying one part of her hair. There were still some beads of water on her skin that were seductively rolling down her beautiful body.

"Well, what is your father like?" Leena suddenly grew a little shy with his actions. Although his movements were not so gentle, she couldn't help but feel moved with what he did.

"Leena, is he just my father? He is also your father now, isn't he? Just remember this, okay?, Don't do anything that he can hold against you. You would not want to anger him." Kevin tapped Leena's head lightly. Did she just forget that they were married?

"Okay! I will keep that in mind next time. I am sorry! I forgot." Leena naughtily stuck out her tongue at him. She felt a little sorry about what she just said. He was right, they were married, thus his father was hers as well. She was aware of it. It was just that she tended to be forgetful sometimes.

"Oh come on. Don't just say it. You need to cal

she didn't ask about it. The thought that she suddenly needed to meet them put her in a passive state.

"Yes. Her name is Claire Gu. She is a little older than you. But she is not as sensible as you. So if she does something wrong in the future, could you excuse her small mistakes, please? After all, you are her sister-in-law, aren't you?" Kevin also didn't want to give Leena too much pressure. It was just that he knew that she would be insisting for that information anyway. His strategy was to emphasize how much more sensible she was over her sister, thus she would regard herself as someone older than Claire.

"What are you implying? That I am her sister-in-law, and she should be afraid of me?" The thought worked on Leena. Seconds more and she was able to smile with confidence again.

"Leena, it is not as terrible as you think. Yes, it may be hard to get along with Claire. But she is not a bad girl. Relax! Don't be too nervous," he comforted her more. It was only after he observed Leena back to herself that Kevin shook his head and smiled. He just wanted her to know these things in advance. He didn't expect her to panic though. He would be more careful next time. He wouldn't want his actions to be counterproductive.

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