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   Chapter 911 An Cartier Watch (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6034

Updated: 2019-01-16 00:58

"Do you all know that I have gotten married?" Kevin smiled with self-mockery. He should have thought about this, shouldn't he? His father was one of the important men in the capital city. How could he possibly hide his marriage from him?

"Well, of course. What you are doing at this very minute might be reported to Dad within the next." His sister gave him a cold snort. She couldn't believe how silly and naive Kevin was to think that he could conceal his marriage well. Didn't he know that their father controlled everything in the world?

"Well, I know. I'll take her there if I am free that day." That was a quick promise Kevin made. Anyway, he also wanted for Leena to meet his family. He would like to take this chance to show his wife the family he belonged to.

"And Kevin, what does that woman do? Is she a soldier like you?" Curiosity was really beating Claire and she wasn't able to stop herself from inquiring. She would not make things difficult for that woman if she would like her. It would be unfortunate though if his wife ended up on her hate-list. Because that would mean that the woman would not have any choice but to bear whatever she would do.

"Claire, pay attention to your courtesy. She is your sister-in-law. Her name is not 'that woman'." Kevin frowned. He loathed how their family spoiled his sister. They were almost all boys in their family. They waited for a long time for their mother to give birth to their only girl, Claire. She was everyone's princess to the point that they all spoiled her. They had all protected her so much since her childhood as they were afraid that something hard might knock her down.

"Well! Noted. But how old is she?" Claire's tone turned gentler. She wasn't afraid of anyone in her family except for her older brother. Kevin was too s

and he realized something. Goodness! Leena must be really shy!

He began to do some arrangements in his head as he remained standing there. What would be the best approach to tell Leena? Although his family was never short of anything, it was still the first time that he would be taking Leena there with him. No matter what, he would help her be in her best manner for it.

"What are you thinking?" Leena asked. She found Kevin in deep thoughts as soon as she walked out of the bathroom. A sudden gush of fear flooded inside her as she noticed him in deep thoughts. Was something troubling him?

"I am all right. I received a call from my family just now. It is my father's birthday next Saturday and I am thinking about what gift can I send him," answered Kevin. He honestly had no clue about what to give his Dad this time. He would casually send him gifts before but it was totally different now. He was married and would like to know what his wife's thoughts were.

"What? why didn't you tell me earlier?" Leena slightly frowned as the mere mention of his family made her palms cold. It was the first time for him to talk about his family to her. It was normal for her to be that nervous.

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