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   Chapter 910 An Cartier Watch (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5835

Updated: 2019-01-16 00:29

Kevin frowned slightly as he looked at the dishes on the table. Leena had just eaten a little and there was too much food left to him. Was she really thinking of making him obese? Was that the reason why she cooked too much? Anyway, those questions just remained inside his head. He tried to eat all of them still as it would be a pain to waste his beautiful wife's effort. Darn! It might only take half a year for him to be as huge as how Leena wished if she would continue cooking this much every day. Was she planning to fatten him up so she could sell him for a good price?

Leena started sorting her gifts right after she arranged her wardrobe. Her gifts were all small gadgets. They might not be so valuable but she chose them very carefully as each was a sign of her regards. Plus, all the people around her were not short of money. They didn't really care about prices but concentrated more on the thoughts given with the gifts.

Her gift for Kevin was the latest Cartier watch. The watch looked noble but not luxurious. It would work perfectly with his job. She had always been attracted to men who wore watches. Her Brothers liked watches too! It was them who influenced her to be a watch hobbyist.

"Haven't you finished sorting your things yet?" Kevin was surprised to see her still fixing her things right after he went upstairs. He was suddenly curious about why she was taking too long just to arrange her things.

"Well! I'm almost done. How about the kitchen? Have you washed the dishes and kept all in there tidy?" Leena raised her head and asked him with a bright smile. Her face was glowing with happiness as she gazed at him.

"Yes. It's all done. Can I help you?" The Major General crouched beside her and started chec

Claire, what is it?" The call was from his unruly sister. He was somewhat surprised that she chose to call her at such a time.

"Kevin, Dad's birthday is coming. Mom is asking if you can come home for it." Claire was relatively unmanageable. Her attitude rooted from the fact that the Gu's family was mostly composed of high-ranking military officials. It was that idea that molded her into that proud and arrogant person she was.

"Ah? Is Dad's birthday coming? I'm sorry. I thought there was still some time before it." The man scratched his head. He honestly never remembered his parents' birthdays. He only remembered them at dusk whenever other members of their family mentioned it.

"What? It's next Saturday. Decide if you are coming back or not. Plus Mom said that you should bring your wife here!" Claire was very curious about the kind of woman her brother married. She had always known her brother to have such a high-class taste. Nevertheless, she still thought that their family's standing was above the woman's family social standing. They were the Gu's after all. That was the reason for her disdain tone as she mentioned her sibling's wife.

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