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   Chapter 909 A Surprise For Kevin (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6385

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"I was talking about things in the coming years. After all, you are still mine and I can't expect to marry you off in a short time, can I? You are not that popular, sir," scoffed Leena. She could actually imagine Kevin wearing a Cinderella gown and a bridal veil. However, what she was trying to say was that if her man would be seduced by other women that easily, then she would not be so kind to him now. What was the point of clinging to him knowing that he would betray her someday?

"Seems that you are really far-sighted. But I will tell you what, it's difficult to follow the path of virtue but easy to succumb to vices. You will never know when a person would change. Maybe in a few years, maybe tomorrow." Kevin responded with faked seriousness. He put some food into her bowl, as he feared that she was too skinny to be considered healthy. He strongly thought that she should be the one gaining weight and not him.

"Then what about you? Will you succumb to vices? Or can I trust you?" Leena asked eagerly. She frowned at the food in her bowl, but ate them with resignation in the end.

"Who knows? That's why you should keep a close watch on me!" Kevin said jokingly, then gave her a wink. Now it was Leena's turn to wonder whether he meant it or not.

After pondering for a while, Leena replied," In my opinion, no one can take my place if we are destined for each other. Otherwise, you will still be unfaithful to me even if I never let you out of my sight. So I think I should just let it be." This was Leena's idea and practice about love. She was never a doubting Thomas but she would not tolerate it if people deceived her.

"You said it, girl. I'm glad that you think that way. Now just dig in before the dishes get cold," urged Kevin after he put the succulent crab flesh he had peeled for her in her bowl. He would really like to make her eat all the nutritious foods on the table.

knew that it didn't mean that she was foolish. Rather, it just showed that she trusted him and she was relaxed enough to be herself when he was around.

"You are lying! I saw you laughing secretly just now and you are smiling again!" Leena pouted in annoyance. She knew it clearly that she had just made a fool of herself again by saying those thoughtless words. It was fortunate that there was no one else there to watch. She would rather die than let others see her act that way. If ever, that would be a social-suicide.

"What do you expect then? Am I supposed to cry? But why would I?" People said that women were hard to please. Kevin couldn't agree more. Apparently, Leena was one of that kind of women.

"Nah...why would I make a fuss about this trifle with you? You see, I don't care about it at all. Now, I'm full, and I will go upstairs to unpack. Remember to clean the table after your meal. It's your punishment for offending me!" As soon as she finished her words, Leena stood from her seat and bolted out of that place. She did it so fast that Kevin wasn't even able to blurt any word at all. He watched her disappear in the staircase in no time. He suspected that she must have practiced the stunt so many times thus she was an expert at escaping now.

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