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   Chapter 907 A Surprise For Kevin (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7461

Updated: 2019-01-15 02:52

Kevin's face had been grim all the way. He knew that he had gone a bit too far and it was rude to treat a lady like that. It was just that he had to. He must give Louisa the message that she wouldn't stand a chance to enter a relationship with him.

The beautiful scenery outside the window kept passing by but Louisa was in no mood to appreciate it. Kevin's silence had blown up her worries as time passed. She wanted to start a conversation and defuse the awkward ambiance. The only problem was how was she supposed to begin when Kevin seemed all cold and distant with indifference clearly written across his face.

"Kevin, how did the emergency go last night? Was everything okay?" she finally asked while smiling embarrassedly. She was still bothered by how he left abruptly last night.

"Yes." Kevin replied without any extra word. He showed no interest in chatting with her at all. Apparently, he would like to distance himself from her.

Louisa bit her lip. It was evident that he was annoyed. His attitude towards her hurt. She had never been cold-shouldered since childhood. She had always been cherished. Kevin was the first person, or more specifically, the first male to have snubbed her. If only she wasn't into this man and trying to win his heart, she would never put up with him.

"Tell me the specific location in case I go the wrong way." Kevin finally spoke once they reached downtown. Nevertheless, his voice was still eerily cold.

"It is that 4S store. The one by the crossroads," answered Louisa in a low voice as she cast him a glance. Her pride bled a bit upon realizing that there could be a man who would not be attracted to her.

"I get it," responded Kevin in a monotone as he finished his sentence with a mouth shut. He wasn't acting like a gentleman as he normally would, but rather like the ruthless Duke.

"Kevin, did I ever offend you? It seems to me that you dislike me very much," asked Louisa after a brief silence. She looked up at him innocently with tears in her eyes. The tears kept gathering in her eyes as she spoke.

"No, not at all. I'm afraid that you might be thinking too much," replied Kevin. He turned and looked at her upon hearing her shaky voice, but then his fac

meone was in the room. Who could it be? He went on alert and slowed down at once. He lightly closed the door and walked towards the living room almost on tiptoes. It was then that he saw two big suitcases lying on the ground. He let out a sigh of relief. Those suitcases just gave away who was playing tricks on him. He was suddenly overwhelmed with joy and went to the kitchen with a spring in his step.

As expected, his petite and gentle lady was busy cooking dinner. She didn't realize that he was back. 'Good one.' Kevin grinned and squinted at the familiar figure before him. He wasn't expecting her to play that joke on him. So, she turned off her cell phone because she was on the plane, and not because she had to bury herself in the graduation thesis! Come to think of it, she should have reached home this morning. Why didn't she call him when she arrived?

"You little liar. Are you having fun tricking me, huh?" He crept up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. Leena got startled and nearly dropped her ladle with a shriek. How could he just show up without making any sound?

"Oh… Kevin! you're back!" she exclaimed. Leena felt warm breathes on her ear, shortly after her shock wore off. It was then that she realized that he was hugging her tightly and literally pressing himself against her back. Her heartbeats started racing. Blushing, she couldn't tell whether she was sweating from the heat in the kitchen or from the passion he had aroused.

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