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   Chapter 906 Leena Was Back (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6067

Updated: 2019-01-15 02:52

"Hello, Miss Ye. What can I do for you?" Kevin said in a cold tone. The thought that she might have some feelings for him bothered him, thus, he couldn't help but be cold to her. He didn't want to give her any false signal or hope. If he wouldn't keep his distance from her, she would probably think that there was still a chance for her. It would be easier and less stressful for him to just let her down that way. It was for the good of them both. Plus, he didn't have the same feelings for her. He was plainly not in the mood for any small talks with her at all.

"Nothing! I saw you, so I just wanted to greet. That's all." Louisa missed to see the impatience on Kevin's face and remained smiling. However, Daisy was also there and was able to see everything. Her heart sank as a hunch that Louisa might hurt Leena suddenly came to her mind.

"Oh. I should get going since you already greeted me. Good-bye!" Now that was Kevin being intentionally cold to the lady. It was so clear that he wanted to get away from her but just couldn't ignore her for the commander's sake.

"But Kevin, can I ride with you to downtown? My car is in the garage being repaired, and I came here by taxi. I thought that I could ride with my dad but you sent him a document just now. So he still has to stay here for a while," Louisa said in a small voice. Her delivery sounded fake and was dripping with excuse even for her own ear. Nevertheless, she needed to make up an excuse to have a ride with Kevin. So she said it anyway.

"I'm going back to downtown too, Miss Ye. I can give you a ride if you don't mind." Daisy interrupted before Kevin could reply. She knew that she was being suspicious but she couldn't let it go as long as there was a possibility that this might hurt Leena. After all, it was clear to all that Louisa

not too much of a hassle." Louisa felt a little nervous upon seeing Kevin's expression. It was so clear that he didn't like anything about what happened. She had no idea if she was being too forward but she really wanted to know why he left so suddenly last night. She wouldn't be able to rest unless she knew.She had the feeling that he lied when he said that he had something to do back then. Truth was, he really got nothing going on during that time and just made some random excuse to leave. He was avoiding her.

"That's alright. Like what you said, it's just that we happen to be on the same route, right?" Kevin said as he pulled out the car door and waited patiently for her to get in. He was in a hurry thus, he asked Lee to park his car directly outside the building when they came. It explained why he didn't have to walk through the parking lot with Louisa. At least that was a good thing.

Louisa's lips trembled. She was suddenly speechless. She didn't expect Kevin to be that cold and distant at all. She felt both embarrassed and awkward. Her teeth gritted before she got in the car. How awful, now she had to think of any possible way to break the awkward until they reached the garage.

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