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   Chapter 903 We Are In Love (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5676

Updated: 2019-01-15 00:28

"Ah! Whatever you want to think! If you don't want to handle the business, that's fine. If you do, great. You're making money. I really don't have time. If you really think it's not fair, you can deduct your wage from my share. Will that make up for it?" Kevin smiled, looking nonchalant. He knew Hoyle was only complaining and he would never take the money from Kevin's share. He was the one Kevin trusted. They had been friends for many years.

"Screw you! Do you really think that I'm working for you? You're an ass to talk about giving wages to me!" Hoyle said while kicking at Kevin. Kevin dodged, seemingly having predicted the kick. He knew that every time Hoyle lost his temper, he would kick him. Kevin already got used to this trick. How could he let Hoyle easily have his way?

"But you said that! You said that I use you as a slave. So I have no choice but to reward you with some money." Kevin continued to prod him. In an instant, they attracted a lot of attention from the other patrons. Kevin had been the focus of the women here in the bar. How could they not notice what was happening there?

"Okay, probably it's time to go. Since you're not drinking, you'd better go back to being a good soldier. And don't spoil my plans. I'm going to find a girl." Hoyle leaned back in the chair at the bar counter, wondering whether all the women had gone cross-eyed. Otherwise why would they pay attention to Kevin and show no interest in him?

"I don't think I'll be a threat to you. I'm married. I'm not cockblocking you, at least not intentionally. Which woman do you like? Walk over to her and tell her you like her. It's so easy. Don't be pretentious, " Kevin said languidly. The fat

ccompanying her were all pretty good looking guys? You still okay with that?" It was true that Leena came here with two women that night. But later several men appeared together with them. They were all very charming, and even looked more handsome than Kevin.

"If they are that good-looking, then I don't need to worry anymore. You can save your energy. I'm outta here. Good luck finding your lady love. Bye!" Kevin showed an understanding smile. He stood up and waved goodbye to Hoyle and walked out. He wasn't worried, because if he was right, the gorgeous guys were Edward and his buddies. There were few men in the city who were incredibly handsome, so Kevin couldn't think of anyone else that would qualify. Hoyle didn't usually rate guys as pretty or good looking, so it had to be them.

The night in the city was a little cold. Probably because winter was coming. And the temperature varied greatly between day and night. As soon as Kevin stepped out of the Blue Enchantress, a gust of chilly wind threatened to blow him over, and then roared away without pause. It disappeared in the blur of the city streets at night.

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