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   Chapter 902 We Are In Love (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5303

Updated: 2019-01-15 00:19

"Kevin, you finally come. I was wondering if the next time I saw you would be at your graveside." Hoyle was Kevin's friend, and the co-owner of the bar. He came to greet Kevin as soon as he saw him come in.

"I'm busy. You know." Kevin flashed a helpless smile. He raised his head and looked around. It seemed that it never had been busier. 'Glad we didn't lose customers while I was away, ' he thought.

"Yeah. I know you're busy. That's why your wife came here with other people." Although the "other people" he was referring to were actually "female friends," but he made no move to explain. He let the statement stand.

"Bullshit. She's not even in the country now. Ya gotta be sharper than that to fool me," Kevin sneered. He knew Hoyle liked to piss him off, but his excuse was not convincing at all.

"Huh! I didn't say it happened now. No matter what, she still has an open tab here." Hoyle teased Kevin with a playful smile. It seemed that Kevin was totally unaware that Leena had been here before.

"Huh! You're ripping me off." Kevin punched at him with a smile. He didn't fear that he might hurt him. Hoyle had joined the army with him before, But he later left while Kevin still stayed and climbed up the career ladder.

"Ah! Would I lie to you? By the way, you are so lucky to have such a hot wife. We're all jealous, man." Sitting at the bar counter, they talked while watching the patrons undulate on the dance floor.

"Huh! I don't believe that you'll stay single with all these hotties around." Kevin took a sip of the wine served by the waiter and shot Hoy

nuously winked at him. He only occasionally frowned to show he was not interested.

"That is because I work hard every night to run the business for you. But you don't seem to care. I didn't see you for a month. Do you think I'm your slave?" Hoyle got indignant when he brought up the topic. Kevin didn't show up, worse, he didn't even call. Most of the time, it was Hoyle who came to him first.

"I work hard every day. And do you really think it's a good idea for me to hang out here given the fact that I'm in the army? Wouldn't you worry about me getting caught by the Investigation Department in the military?" Kevin stared at him grumpily. Hoyle was once a soldier.

How could he not think about this?

"Huh! You can wear casual clothes. No one would know that you are the high-falutin Major General of the city. It's just another excuse. Don't jerk me around, it's not that serious." Obviously, Hoyle was not convinced. He didn't believe that there would be anyone who would be so bored as to pry into other people's private lives after work.

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