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   Chapter 900 As Handsome As It Gets (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8057

Updated: 2019-01-14 02:39

"Hi, handsome, I heard that you're Louisa's boyfriend, right? You look nice." A few women in sexy dresses were examining Kevin. They were not hiding their desire for him at all. Indeed, they were practically flaunting it.

"Thanks! But we're just friends. It's really not what you think." Being misunderstood was not pleasant for Kevin. But his good manners kept him from blowing up at them. Instead, he simply smiled.

"No? But last time at Louisa's birthday party, I heard that you were her boyfriend." The woman tilted her head a little, thinking if she had mistaken him for someone else.

"Hey! Quit putting him on the spot, will you? He's probably a little shy. You guys! Stop being so bitchy." Another woman joined in the ruckus. She gazed at Kevin's body so intently that he feared she might be able to see through his clothing.

"No way! Even though you're not wearing a military uniform this time, I'm sure it was you." The woman frowned and seemed more confused.

"Miss, I did go to Miss Ye's birthday party, but I'm really not her boyfriend. Just ask her." Dealing with a few talkative women had made Kevin impatient, so his face clearly grew grimmer. His mood darkened.

"Never mind. Since they want to keep it under wraps, why should we force him to admit it?" These few women together had no end of things to say, so the conversation was spinning out of control. Every conversation was about whether Kevin was Louisa's boyfriend or not.

"Yeah, stop being so nosy. But we did hear that Mr. Gu is a major general, right? That's why our Louisa picked you." It seemed no woman could resist drama. So when they chided others, they still wouldn't rein in their own curious natures.

"Excuse me! I think it's necessary to explain myself. I am a major general, but please don't treat us like a couple." Kevin's face was showing traces of anger. If they were not Louisa's friends, he would have left the place long ago instead of staying here and enduring their comments.

"Tsk! You're just afraid that others might say that you got where you are because you took advantage of Louisa's family. What's there to hide?" The women saw the change in Kevin's expression and became even more fired up. Because to them, Kevin's current position was deeply related to the Ye family in spite of his actual experience.

Kevin's lips parted, but he didn't say anything, figuring that with such things, i

with it. I don't need to tell you that this is what being in the military means. You have to be on stand-by all the time. Can't you tell with my father?" Louisa still maintained that perfect smile and calmly explained everything.

"Oh! So that's what happened! I thought that you might be fighting because of what we said." Upon learning that Kevin didn't get into an argument with Louisa, the women were a little disappointed, feeling quite unsatisfied deep down.

"Why would we do that? We really like each other. There'd be no way we get into an argument." Louisa gave a broad laugh to cover her embarrassment. No matter how sad she was, she would not show it to anyone. That wouldn't be her way. After all, no one was supposed to be better than her.

"Louisa, speaking of liking each other, when are the wedding bells? We're all waiting to drink your wedding booze!" All things considered, the women were still friends with Louisa, so even though they harbored jealousy towards her, on the surface they had to act excited for her.

"No rush. By that time, you won't be forgotten. So start preparing the wedding gifts for us!" So this was Louisa's way of misdirecting things. There was nothing between Kevin and her, but she just went along others and misguided them. That was why her friends would see them as a happy couple.

"Of course. We'll be bringing large gifts and lots of good cheer. So don't worry. Just get married soon!" Everybody was a bit confused by Louisa and Kevin's relationship, but since she already said those things, people didn't want to pursue their suspicions anymore.

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