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   Chapter 899 As Handsome As It Gets (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8174

Updated: 2019-01-14 02:10

"OK, but Kevin, can I look around your house?" Louisa's eyes were flickering with elation as she stared at Kevin gleefully.

"Sure, other than the master bedroom, you have the run of the house." Kevin was just going to head upstairs before he paused. Although Leena never imposed this on him, he figured that as a member of a wealthy family she must have her own rules. Besides, it wasn't appropriate to show off the private spaces of the married couple to others.

"I know. So I won't keep you from your shower! I'm just curious and want to take a look around." Louisa smiled in jest. If Kevin didn't say that, she might actually want to go in their bedroom and take a look, because their wedding pictures would surely be hanging inside. This way, Louisa could find out who the woman that managed to get ahead of her was.

"Good!" Kevin turned away and went upstairs. He was not sure if it was right for him to grant her request. After all, besides the master bedroom, there were a few spaces that were also relatively private for Leena. For example, the work studio in the attic which he had only been inside once, and it was with Leena's knowledge.

Louisa watched as Kevin disappeared from view and finally stood up. She looked everywhere and sometimes touched things that piqued her interest. As she went along, new thoughts popped into her head.

The more she saw, the more jealous she was of the lucky woman. However, to her dismay, Louisa didn't see a single photograph after searching everywhere, which was somewhat disheartening. She went upstairs to the attic with even less interest. But only after a couple of steps, she came back down and focused on the tightly closed door of the master bedroom.

She wondered if Kevin would find out that she sneaked in while he was in the shower. Everyone had a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other. These figures would whisper in your ears and guide you. So the demon would tempt you to do wrong, and the angel would show you the path of goodness and light. Apparently, Louisa listened to the demon this time. She was overcome by her desire to try her luck, so, with trembling hands, she pushed open the door which shielded the things that she wanted to know.

The room was very well lit with natural light, so even without flipping the switch everything could be seen clearly. The first thing that greeted her eyes was a huge bed that seemed to be both luxurious and soft. Th

"So Kevin, what do you think?" Louisa specifically asked the stylist to pick a dress that was in the same color tone as Kevin's outfit. Therefore the way they were dressed almost made them look like a couple.

"It's nice, very pretty." Kevin smiled. He had seen too many beautiful ladies in his time, so he wasn't really that interested in a woman like Louisa who was at best above average.

"Compared to your wife then? Who looks better?" Louisa jokingly asked, but in reality she was curious what Kevin's wife looked like.

"I can't really say. You both have your merits!" In Kevin's honest opinion, Leena was naturally better. But he wouldn't be saying this out loud to embarrass Louisa.

"Really! Then she must look very pretty." Failing to get the answer she wanted, Louisa felt somewhat unsatisfied and decided to continue asking.

"Yeah! She is quite beautiful. Are we ready, then? If so, let's head out!" Kevin didn't want to dwell on this topic, so he intentionally changed the subject.

"Yes, we can go now!" Louisa bit her lips slightly. Hearing Kevin's praise for this other woman made her a little jealous, but she couldn't show it in front of him, so she simply giggled to hide her uneasiness.

Instead of a soiree, this was at most a small party and could no way compare to the grand events thrown by FX International. Kevin was silently relieved because of this, since he wouldn't need to deal with too many people. He still remembered the last time he went to the anniversary celebration of FX International. He was dragged there by his father-in-law to meet a bunch of the latter's business friends.

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