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   Chapter 898 An Invitation To A Dinner Party (Part Five)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5364

Updated: 2019-01-14 02:26

"But I'm not familiar with your friends. I'm afraid I won't get along with them, " replied Kevin, frowning slightly. He didn't like parties a lot. That kind of social activities were never his cup of tea. So even unconsciously, he wanted to refuse her.

"Don't worry. It'll be fine. They're about the same age as you. I'm sure you'll get along well with each other. And they're very easy-going too, " said Louisa urgently. Though she knew he was married, she still couldn't let go of him easily. So she would take any chance she could to approach him.

"Okay then. I'll get changed at home. Tell me where and when the party is and I'll be there, " said Kevin, finally accepting her invitation. Kevin didn't know how to reject this. He was such an honest man that he couldn't find any excuse not to accompany her.

"I think I'll catch a ride back with you. So we don't need to wait for each other again, " suggested Louisa. But what she really wanted was to go home with him and take a look at his wife that he had mentioned before. She knew his wife was still in Paris, but there should be at least a photo of her in their home. Louisa wanted to know what his wife looked like and whether she looked better than her.

"But don't you need to get changed?" asked Kevin confusingly. He took a closer look at Louisa's clothes. Didn't she say they were going to a dinner party? Wasn't she dressed too casual?

"Of course I need to! I'll go directly to the stylist later. He'll finish everything for me. That's why I need the ride to your home with you first, so that we can drive your car to the party la

y made the place pop. But she hadn't thought that Kevin could afford such a large apartment. She guessed that he must be funded by his parents or pay for it by loan.

"Well, yeah, thank you! It is warm actually and I owe all this to my wife. She designed and refined all the details. I rarely have time to get to these things, " introduced Kevin as he poured her a glass of water. It was mostly Leena's hard work to give their home a sense of warmth and love. He had just roughly decorated the apartment, and all the other lovely decorations were added by Leena.

"Kevin, isn't your wife back yet?" asked Louisa curiously, pretending that she wasn't trying to steal him from his wife. She looked around the apartment, searching for a photo frame or that sort of thing. She didn't forget her purpose here, to find a picture of his wife.

"Not yet. But she'll be back soon. Take a seat and help yourself to whatever you want. I need to take a shower upstairs, " said Kevin as he handed the glass of water to Louisa. He couldn't help smiling when he mentioned Leena.

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