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   Chapter 897 An Invitation To A Dinner Party (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5600

Updated: 2019-01-14 01:20

"Mm!" Kevin hummed his affirmation out, without any explicit words. But just this single word answer was enough to delight Leena. She almost jumped in excitement when hearing his answer and knowing that he did miss her. However, she didn't want Kevin to know her actual thoughts yet, so before her next words came out, she soon adjusted her tone of voice and made it sound calm, trying very hard to cover her trace of excitement that came just a few seconds earlier.

"But you'll have to wait. I'll be back after a while, " said Leena, her tone calm without too much emotion, successfully removing all the information that could be conveyed by tone. She didn't sound cold, just casual. As she wanted to surprise Kevin, she didn't tell him the truth that her graduation thesis had been passed and she would be standing in front of him this time tomorrow.

"How long is 'a while' exactly?" asked Kevin, frowning slightly as he was disappointed that she would not be coming back soon. So far, Leena had done a great job of hiding her feelings from him. He couldn't tell what she was thinking at all. He was on his way to the parking lot. Soldiers saluted him as he walked past, and since he was on the phone with Leena, he nodded to them politely to express his respect.

"Well, it's hard to say. Maybe just a couple of days, maybe a month, or maybe half a year, " answered Leena, giggling to continue joking with him. How she wished she could see his expression when he heard her words. But deep inside her heart, she was so excited that she would see him soon and she couldn't help laughing happily in her head. It was a party featuring her happiness as the guest of honor.

I think the Commander is still in his office. You could go upstairs and find him there, " said Kevin. Though his words had come out, his mind was not present for Louisa. His thoughts were still lost in the phone call with Leena earlier.

"No, I'm not here for him today. I came here because of you, Kevin. I received an invitation to a dinner party tonight. Could you accompany me to the party? I know it's short notice. As you know, well, I just came back, so I don't know where to find a partner in such a short time. I don't have any other choice and I could only come and ask for your help here. Besides, didn't you say you would treat me as your sister? Now your sister is in trouble, as a brother, you can't leave me alone like this, can you? Just save me once, just tonight please, " explained Louisa. She could see Kevin was a little absent-minded due to some unknown reason, so she needed to redirect his attention back on occasion.. Her words made sense to Kevin, which left him no chance to refuse her. But poor Kevin was now trapped in the dilemma set by Louisa. She had him right where she wanted him.

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