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   Chapter 896 An Invitation To A Dinner Party (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5775

Updated: 2019-01-14 00:12

Cynthia's fast movement surprised Daisy, but also touched her heartstring deeply. The concern shown on Cynthia's face, the soft touch on Daisy's cheeks by her hands, and the anxiety expressed by her all gave Daisy a strong feeling of family, of a mother's love to her child. That was what a real family should be: warm, sweet and encouraging. No matter what happened, someone would always be there, by your side, to take care of you, help you, support you, and love you. After Daisy's mother had passed away, being driven out of the Ouyang's, Daisy had felt like she belonged to nowhere in the world and she had been drifting all alone on an endless ocean for so many years. Now, she finally had a family that she could count on. She belonged here. There was also love and warmth from Cynthia, her mother-in-law, and Jonathan, her father-in-law. Daisy was so grateful that they loved her as their own daughter, and she also respected them as her own parents. Even though she didn't really need a mask to heal her sunburn, Daisy wouldn't want to refuse Cynthia's kindness. It was always nice and touching to feel a mother's selfless dedication. With her eyes welling up with tears, Daisy went upstairs to do her wash as Cynthia had told her to. Besides, Daisy knew that Cynthia always meant what she said and would do so as well, so she definitely couldn't stand Daisy's indifferent attitude to her own wounds. Since they had settled Daisy's unsettled self in this family, Daisy would like to ease Cynthia's uneasy feelings by simply obeying her words.

It was getting dark in S city while the sun was still shining high in Paris. Dialtones echoed throughout Leena's room. She checked the time difference and figured out that Kevin

e said a single word about that! Now it seemed like she was eager to have sex with him while she wasn't even in the mood. How frustrating!

"Okay, I'll stop talking and listen to you. What do you want to tell me? When are you coming back?" asked Kevin as he grabbed his briefcase and walked out of his office. Leena had been gone quite a while, and some strange feelings about her had been stirring inside him. He didn't know why, but he felt weird staying at his place without her. It was too quiet. He could even hear his own breath. He began to miss when she had lived there with him and made the atmosphere more lively at home.

"Well… I don't know yet. Why? Do you miss me?" asked Leena. On one hand, she was nervous about his answer. She wasn't sure whether he missed her or not and she was afraid that he didn't. On the other hand, she was too shy to ask a man a question like this, especially when this man happened to be someone she liked. She had never done that before. Anyway, it was lucky that they were just talking on phone, so she didn't need to hide her blushing cheeks from him. She would never want him to see her embarrassment.

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