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   Chapter 894 An Invitation To A Dinner Party (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5890

Updated: 2019-01-13 00:50

"Come on, Melissa! Don't be mad! I was just trying to make friends with her. Why so jealous?" explained Shaun Gao, trying to soothe Melissa Xue. He gave her a big smile, gently pinching her cheeks to show he cared for her.

"But you heard what they said. She didn't want to be your friend. What kind of man are you?" snapped Melissa, still feeling upset about his frivolous behaviour. Shaun was an embarrassment. The man kept showing interest in other women, right in front of her. Especially when one of those women was Daisy, the one that she hated. She compared herself with Daisy for the longest time, and ended up losing everything. Melissa was so sick of being the loser. And today was no better than any of the others. It was worse, actually. With Shaun hitting on Daisy, she lost her face in front of Daisy again. Both Shaun and Daisy were humiliating her as far as she was concerned.

"Yeah! You should probably leave now, Mr. Gao. She looks pissed, " said Brian playfully, with a mocking smile on his face. Shaun Gao was the boss of Kompass Group. He was the most powerful person there, but not the most powerful man in the grand scheme of things. Brian knew that Kompass Group was smaller than FX International. And Shaun Gao was no Edward Mu. Brian was pretty sure his brother-in-law was a better guy overall.

"Come on, pretty lady. Give a guy a break?" asked Shaun again, unwilling to give up so easily. He stood on his tiptoes and looked behind Brian, trying to attract Daisy's attention. But Daisy was quite oblivious to his question. She didn't seem to care about him at all. Her eyes were on a piece of jewelry beside her. She didn't even look at him. Apparently, she was not interested in him at all.

"Mr. Gao, where are your manners?"

It sounds like you don't want a gift, " replied Brian sadly, sniffing like he was about to cry. Knowing Daisy was just kidding, he played right along. They knew each other so well, so this kind of teasing was not uncommon. Brian wasn't hurt at all. Instead, this was the kind of thing that strengthened their relationship. Teasing each other was just part of the way they related. No hurt feelings, just a deep love for one another, as sister and brother. Brian carefully put the bracelet onto Daisy's wrist and fastened the clasp. The bracelet suited her perfectly. The size was just right and it wasn't too ostentatious. It wasn't meant to attract attention, instead just complementing the beauty of whoever wore it. And Daisy wore it quite well.

"Thank you very much. It looks nice, " said Daisy joyfully, turning her wrist left and right to take a look at the bracelet from different angles. Seeing how the bracelet looked on her, she was satisfied. She didn't like jewelry that had too bright and vivid colors. She didn't want much attention from others. So this humble but elegant bracelet was the perfect choice for her, especially in keeping with her low profile.

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