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   Chapter 892 You Are Not As Handsome As My Brother-in-law (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5880

Updated: 2019-01-13 00:34

"Do you think I will have any chance to use them? You must have forgotten that I'm a soldier, Brian." Daisy took a look at them helplessly and replied rationally. All of them were merely ornaments. As beautiful as they were, those things had no place in a military base. How was she going to wear them there in the first place?

"There is still some chance, right? Come on, you are not staying in the military all the time." Brian did not take Daisy's rejection seriously. He started to examine the items carefully as he tried to pick for something that suited his sister most. He was serious about choosing until a beautiful aqua blue bracelet caught his attention. He fetched it in an instant but then, another soft hand reached out for it unexpectedly at the very same time he did.

"I'm sorry, Miss. Could you let go of the bracelet, please? I saw it first." Brian gave the lady a 'gentleman-smile' and asked in a polite voice. He was always a gentleman to strangers.

"Oh, I don't think you are saying it right, Mr. I touched it first." Melissa looked at Daisy aggressively as she talked to Brian. She did grab the same bracelet on purpose. She saw the two from outside the shop and followed them deliberately.

"Miss, kindly open your eyes and take a clear look at the bracelet. My hand takes up two-thirds of it. I'm sure that I am clear enough about who touched it first." Brian retorted immediately. He was never the type of person who would compromise to a woman and the woman before him was not an exception to that. Daisy was the only one spared from his rule as she was his beloved sister.

"Brian, forget it. Just let the Miss buy it since she wants it. I don't really need to buy it." Daisy was just observing Melissa the whole time. There

e never expected that you would still be so annoying. Slapping someone on the face is still your forte huh? Is that the all you can do?" Daisy smiled coldly. She would not have connected her to Jessica Lin if Brian hadn't mentioned anything about her facial surgery. She only felt that her voice was quite familiar and that she seemed to have heard it somewhere before. Brian's words earlier gave her a lot of clues. Plus, Edward once mentioned Jessica Lin's name to her. With her brother's and his partner's words combined, there was not a single doubt that the woman before them was Jessica Lin. A person might be able to change his or her appearance but it would be hard for his or her voice and behavior to be transformed.

"I don't know what you are saying. Let go of me!" It was a surprise for Melissa that Daisy recognized her. Shocked was not even enough to describe how she felt. Anxiety began eating her inside but never would she spill the truth before them. She tried to conceal her fear by staying calm and acting like she had no clue of what Daisy was talking about. Sad to say that she failed though, as her unstable glances at them betrayed her big time.

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