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   Chapter 891 You Are Not As Handsome As My Brother-in-law (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5591

Updated: 2019-01-13 00:50

"Yes! But what are you going to buy?" asked Daisy. Brian didn't say a word and just took her by the hand. They walked toward the prosperous business street from Westin. Westin was located just in the district thus, they did not need to drive there. A few steps walk would be enough.

"I'll see. I don't really know what I need actually. I might probably need some formal business suits though. I need to deal with some business for Ouyang Foreign Trade. Dad has no time and does not even care about handling them. Ouyang Foreign Trade is in a bad situation these days. It's time for me to manage it or it might just face some serious problems, " said Brian with a sigh. He never expected to see their father and that company to be in such an unstable situation. He cared about Leo but then, he was also worried that Ouyang Foreign Trade might not make it too. The old man and the company were simply declining. Ouyang Foreign Trade was Daisy's grandparents' legacy. The company was established by her family from her mother's side. He could not just let it go bankrupt or get purchased by other companies.

"Is Ouyang Foreign Trade running a poor business?" Daisy did not know much about the business field. Nevertheless, she clearly understood how a company supported the incomes of many employees and their families. Many people would lose their job once the company went bankrupt. She never had the chance to enjoy a happy family life during childhood and would not want others to experience situations as such.

"It wasn't that bad but it wasn't as good either compared with the past years. Maybe Dad did not put his mind in it. It kind of lost a lot of clients." Alt

op talking about it, okay? Let's go. I am going to buy you a gift! I haven't sent you any gift since we met again." Brian pulled her into an antique shop. He chose that shop because he thought that the items there would fit Daisy's cold personality well. Ordinary things might just sully her. Classic things would match her better and make her look more graceful.

"No, Brian. I don't need it, really." Daisy ran out of choices as Brian dragged her to the shop. It was not necessary for him to buy her any gifts. She already had everything she needed. However, she could not help being slightly surprised by the small antiques that welcomed them in that place. Who could have thought of a shop filled with antique pieces to exist in the middle of such a modern place?

"Sis, please. Just take a look at them. You'll definitely find something you like. I promise!" Brian ignored her refusal and took her to one of the counters where some high-quality accessories were displayed. There were jade bracelets, hairpins, and so forth. Every accessory was carefully displayed there to show its best assets and beauty.

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