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   Chapter 890 You Are Not As Handsome As My Brother-in-law (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5740

Updated: 2019-01-13 00:50

"Thank me for what? For being stupid enough to cooperate with your plans?" Daisy's eyes dimmed a little. She did not know whether she had the right to complain about it, nor did she know what she was insisting on. It was such a complex feeling.

"Daisy, are you still mad at me? Alright. I'm sorry. Don't be angry anymore, please." Brian rested his head on Daisy's shoulder. He apologized to her in a sweet tone as he deliberately ignored Edward's dagger stare towards him. He was her brother so it was acceptable for them to be that close thus, Edward would have no right to get mad at him.

"Honey, let's go!" Well, it might have been impossible for Edward to show his disapproval but that did not mean that he couldn't tear them apart. He grabbed his wife by her arm and pulled her away possessively. Brian almost fell flat on the ground with what he did as the man lost his balance from leaning on Daisy.

"Where are we going? Your company? I don't want to go there. It's so boring." Daisy was a bit reluctant to show up in FX International Group so often. She hated how it made her feel that she was showing off. Although she was the wife of the company's CEO, she was not an employee of the company after all. She did not want herself to attract too much attention. It was better to stay low-profile. She felt uncomfortable when other employees talked about her.

"Daisy, please go shopping with me! I just came back a few days ago and I need to buy lots of things. I am alone and have no one to accompany me to shopping. Please join me, " her brother begged. It seemed that Brian had to stay there for a long time and wouldn't leave until Leo Ouyang turned better. The old man was in a bad situation nowaday

mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to think for a comeback. In the end, he was rendered completely speechless with what Brian just did. He shut his lips tight and gave the two a blood-freezing stare, then without any more word, turned away and marched out of that place with furious long strides as he thought, 'Darn Daisy! How'd you forget about my goodbye kiss!'

"What's wrong with him? Why is he so angry? I don't get it." Daisy was totally confused as she did not understand why Edward grew so mad all of the sudden. Oh heavens! Please forgive her slow brain. Mr. Mu was jealous and she did not realize it at all.

"Let him be. He must be thinking of something." Brian just shrugged his shoulders as he watched his brother-in-law. An amused smile was still on his face when he looked back at Daisy. "Let's go, Sister." On the other hand, Brian knew why Edward got so worked up about them. He was a man too thus he could see through his brother-in-law's action. Anyway, he was not worried for Edward to stay angry for a long time. Edward loved Daisy so much that he was confident that the CEO would not do his sister wrong.

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