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   Chapter 889 Seeing Leo Again (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7717

Updated: 2019-01-13 00:28

"Daisy, please don't be mad at me or dad. You see, dad is much older now. I was unable to say no to him." Daisy and Leo were both Brian's family. He didn't want to see either of them get hurt. Brian knew he was not qualified to express his opinion. After all, his own mother was the one at fault. After everything Brian had been through, he treasured his family even more.

Daisy raised her head to take a peek at Leo. When she saw Leo's grey hair, she couldn't help but gasp inwardly. It hadn't been a long time, but Leo looked like he was dying!

"Daisy, I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I just hope I can meet you from time to time for the rest of my life." Leo knew that he had been so sinful that Daisy would never forgive him.

"You don't need to do that. We won't be happy if we see each other. I don't think that's necessary at all, " Daisy stated coldly, going against her conscience. If she forgave Leo, she would feel like she wasn't doing justice to her mother. Her mother died because of Leo and Yakira. Daisy could never forget that.

"Daisy, I know you hate me. I know you wish you were not my daughter. I've been confessing my sins to the Almighty God and I've visited your mother's grave many times to ask for her forgiveness. I know our relationship has been damaged terribly. If you hate to see me so much, I'd rather die now."

Leo wiped the tears that streamed down his cheeks. He was too ashamed of himself to look Daisy in the eye. He had done her wrong and must pay the price for it.

"Hah! Do you think it will all be good after your death? Will my mother come back to life after you die? Don't crack jokes like that. You didn't kill her with your own hands, but she died because of you! In my eyes, you are a murderer!"

Daisy raised her head high as she threw him a scornful look. Despite her cruel words, deep down she felt bad for him. However, she wouldn't admit to it. She didn't blame Leo for having been so indifferent to her all these years. But she couldn't accept the fact that her mother died because of him.

"Darling, calm down. Have some water first." Edward poured a glass of water for Daisy and handed it to her. His gaze was affectionate. He knew Daisy disliked her father, but he didn't expect her to harbor such deep resentment toward him. Daisy was

lth is the most important thing. You should take good care of youself, " Edward said. Daisy never called Leo father, so Edward did not dare to do it either. Daisy would get pissed off by that.

"Do not try to ask for my forgiveness while you hurt yourself. You owe me a lot and I will take everything back. You better be alive before I decide to forgive you." Daisy meant to ask Leo to take care of his health, but couldn't bring herself to say anything sweet.

"I get your point. I will live alive and well." Upon hearing Daisy's words, Leo did not feel sad anymore and beamed at her. He knew Daisy's heart had softened, otherwise she would not even be in the mood to talk to him.

Edward was amused by Daisy's threatening tone as she said the words. He thought it was sweet. He knew Daisy was a gentle woman. No matter how much she hated Leo, deep down she cared for him. She expressed her love for her father in her own way.

Brian, however, was shocked by Daisy's attitude. He had lost all hope that Daisy would ever forgive Leo. He didn't expect her to go soft on him. If things carried on like this, it was just a matter of time that Daisy decided to forgive Leo.

They had a dull lunch together, but Leo was thrilled because Daisy had changed her mind. After the lunch, Leo left the room, smiling in contentment.

"Daisy, thank you so much!" After Leo was gone, Brian returned to Daisy's side and gave her a grateful smile. He was sure that she would forgive her father sooner or later. He was full of hope for tomorrow.

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