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   Chapter 888 Seeing Leo Again (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8269

Updated: 2019-01-13 00:02

"Edward, do you think we will live happily forever?"

Daisy whispered in Edward's ear. As autumn approached, the plants and colors in the park had changed. Some of the trees were already beginning to shed their leaves. Daisy felt a little sad as she recalled how Jessica was devoting so much energy on winning Edward back. She was rather disturbed by the very thought. What if Jessica had succeeded?

"Babe, rest assured, we will live happily ever after." Edward stopped to promise her seriously. He knew what Daisy was worrying about. Her anxiety was understandable. Edward was not going to comfort her with fancy language, but he could convince her by promising her the future.

"Edward, don't ever forget what you just said. I will be right by your side for as long as I live. You are mine alone. If I get to know that you are having an affair with someone else behind my back, I will... I will leave you without a second thought." Daisy had wanted to say that she would kill the both of them if Edward had an affair with another woman, but she knew she could never hurt Edward. She loved him so much. She would merely leave him if he betrayed her in the future. Nothing upset her more than Edward getting hurt.

"Oh I see. If I fall in love with another lady one day, I will never try to make you stay." Edward curled his lips. Was it because of the season that Daisy was getting sentimental? She had always been cool and unconcerned. However, right now, she was being so emotional.

"Come on, Edward. Why aren't you consoling me and telling me that you won't betray me?" Daisy feigned anger and hit him on the shoulder. Deep inside, she knew he was only trying to make her forget the pain by teasing her.

"Darling, you know me. I'm not comfortable expressing my emotions out loud. I prefer to convince you with my actions. It's not like you to be so sentimental." Edward knew Daisy didn't actually get hurt when she slipped and fell, but he was willing to carry her till the end of their lives.

"Oh. I get it." Daisy pulled herself closer to Edward as her head rested against his neck. She shut her eyes, enjoying the warm sun on her back. Sunlight broke through the clouds and seeped through the frail leaves. The happy couple walked in the light of the beautiful scenery.

Inside the dimly lit room of their villa, the two lovers sweated and panted as they lost themselves without inhibition to the act of love-making. They breathed deeply and heavilly one

n consented to it.

"Honey, since we are already here, why not sit down and have a good meal?" Edward said with a frown. He didn't know that Leo would be here. Brian had called him this morning and invited him to lunch. But it seemed like he was needed to placate his wife instead.

"You knew he was here? You knew they set up a trap for me and hid it from me?" Daisy stared at Edward with fury in her eyes as she fired a hundred questions. She was vexed with these three men. Other than her unwillingness to reconcile with Leo, she just didn't know how to treat Leo after so many things had happened.

"Daisy, it's not like that. I asked Brian to lie to you. Could you please stay and have lunch with me?" Leo gazed at Daisy with a hopeful expression. He looked much older since the last time she saw him.

"I am sorry, Daisy, I knew if I had told you the truth, you wouldn't have come here. So I had to lie, " Brian apologized to Daisy. He felt sad whenever he saw Leo's greying hair. That was why he was unable to turn him down.

"Let's take a seat, " Edward offered, casting a stern glance toward Brian. If Brian had just warned him earlier, he would have found a better way to break it to her. Daisy hated Leo because she thought he was responsible for her mother's death. It was not easy for her to forgive him.

"Yes. Daisy, please take a seat first. I know you hate me, and I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I just want to apologize to you. Make up for what I have done." It was a little late for Leo to have realized his fault. As his son-in-law, Edward was unable to turn him down, so he pulled Daisy closer and made her sit.

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