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   Chapter 887 You Carry Me (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7769

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:31

"I regret nothing. There are so many good men in the world. I'll find another husband one way or another." Daisy raised her eyebrows in defiance. It seemed like she already knew the serious consequences her words would lead to. So she started to run, forgetting that she was wearing a pair of mid-heel shoes that were not suited for running.

"Daisy, How can you say that?" Edward asked, making a face at her. He was vexed at what she said. 'How dare you say that and then run away from me. I will teach you a lesson, ' he thought.

"Come and catch me, you fool. When you come here, I'll tell you how I dared to say that, " Daisy said. She stopped only when she was at a long distance from him. She turned around, looking at him both in defiance and in fear.

"Do you think I'm stupid like others? I know you can outrun me easily. I won't try to beat you at that." Edward was a businessman and knew when he had the upper hand. He wouldn't try to win against a competent and well-trained soldier in a fight or a marathon.

"Fine. But I won't go to you first." Daisy pouted and sat down on a nearby boulder. She gleefully fixed her eyes on her proud husband.

"Then, I have no choice but to chase you." Edward smiled wryly. 'Darling, you started this fight. You have left me with no choice but to retaliate in bed tonight, ' Edward thought.

"Stop. Stay put. It is fine. Absence and distance only make the heart grow fonder. I'd better keep you far away from me, " Daisy shouted in haste. She was smart. She knew what Edward was capable of if he came over and caught her. He would do unspeakable things to her. She blushed as she thought about it.

"Don't be silly. Men only say that nonsense to fool women. When lovers are apart, other men and women come between them. What good is that for?" Edward stepped forward elegantly, as enchanting as a prince out of a fairy tale.

"Those are unpredictable people, just like you are. Your kind doesn't represent all the lovers in the world." As she watched Edward come closer to her, Daisy stood up and stepped back. She wouldn't be fooled by his broad smiles and sugary words. She knew what he was going to do once he got hold of her.

"What? Are you accusing me of being fickle?" Although Edward forced a smile on his face, he gritted his teeth, his mouth setting in

rself. You look like a little girl who asked for candy but was refused. The soldiers would laugh at you if they saw you behave this way." Edward shook his head, saying nothing further. He squatted down, turning his back to Daisy. As a matter of fact, He already knew Daisy's trick. Sometimes, she was like an open book to him. However, Edward still decided to grant her wish. He allowed her to be willful for one day.

"I don't care. Do as you are told." Daisy climbed onto Edward's back as a wry smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. She ignored the curious glances of the passers-by. As long as her husband loved her, she would get what she wanted.

"You're already so stubborn. If I don't stop you from doing certain things, I'm sure that you'll get out of control one day, " Edward said. When he stood up with Daisy over his back, he could feel her slender figure. He didn't know whether to feel satisfied or not. He could hardly handle a womanly, voluptuous Daisy.

"Will you love me forever?" As she rested her head on Edward's broad shoulder, Daisy could feel the rhythms of his breath. A sense of calm happiness swept over her heart. She could stay like this forever.

"Yes. You already know that. That is why you treat me this way, without worrying about the consequences of provoking me, " Edward said. He smiled lopsidedly. It suddenly occurred to him that he had only carried his wife on his back twice. However, it was different this time. Although she didn't weigh much, he felt the responsibilities on his shoulders.

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