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   Chapter 886 You Carry Me (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8073

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:31

"Jesus Christ! Does God want me to die?" Rain walked out despondently without arguing further. He was desperate and decided to figure out a solution to deal with the manager in Thailand.

"What's wrong with him?" Daisy asked in surprise. She wondered why Rain was so pissed off that he stormed out of the room.

"He is just being silly, due to a lovesick." Edward stood up and stretched out his arms. He pulled Daisy closer. She had such a tall and slender figure.

"Oh. What are you doing? We are making a scene in your building and being stared at by your employees, " Daisy said hesitantly. She shot a stealthy glance toward the door, relieved when she found the door closed. She was not accustomed to being hugged and kissed by her husband in public places.

"I haven't done anything embarrassing. I'm just embracing my dear wife. Do you want me to do something else instead?" Edward asked her. He grinned and bit his lips softly, tantalizing Daisy.

"Don't be vulgar." Daisy flushed with embarrassment. His open remarks and conducts always mortified her, even though it was only her husband suggesting them.

"I am only vulgar about it to you, my darling." Edward lowered his head, cupping Daisy's face in his hands as he kissed her. He didn't intend to start anything. However, Daisy melted in his arms, anticipating Edward's actions. At the same time, she was afraid that someone might enter the room unexpectedly and run into them.

"I must be very unlucky to be the victim of your obscenity." Daisy squirmed out of his arms and walked away. She sank into a couch that sat in the corner of the room, feeling fatigued after being all day in the court.

"Darling, obscenity is an inappropriate word for ladies. It is being widely used on the internet and has diverse meanings." Edward smiled wryly. He came over to sit down beside her. Daisy seemed to be in a bad mood today.

"Oh. I'm rather ignorant of what goes on on the Internet, " Daisy answered listlessly. She rested her head on Edward's shoulder, happy to have her husband around whenever she was upset.

"What's wrong? How was your day at work?" Edward asked in concern. He pouted and pulled her closer to himself.

"Hero received a long jail sentence. I saw it happen in the court today, " Daisy answered sadly. Daisy was a credible soldier and knew that being emotional did her no good. However, she had become acquainted with He

ay a woman talked to me over the phone, weeping loudly." Edward stared at Daisy with tenderness. He just couldn't get tired of looking at his beloved wife. He could be with her every moment of the day, if it were possible. That way she would never be taken away from him.

"What? Who cried on the phone? Tell me truthfully. Who called you up that day?" asked Daisy in amusement. Suddenly, she ran away from Edward giggling, as care-free and light as the autumn wind.

Edward's gaze followed Daisy's slender figure. He was absorbed in her hearty laugh. He was so elated and content to be living such a life with his beautiful wife.

"Edward, hurry up. Or are you too old to catch up with me?" Daisy shouted from a distance. Daisy could be girlish on rare occasions. In the autumn afternoon, she stood with her arms resting on her hips, looking at Edward defiantly.

"Darling, don't you know me to be a lion when we are in bed? You think I'd get old? Certainly not. Do you want to get to know my stamina right now?" Edward asked her lewdly. Edward could deftly change a romantic atmosphere into a seductive one.

"Bah! A leopard can't change its spots. Watch your mouth, otherwise as a Colonel, I'll castrate you and turn you into a eunuch." Daisy didn't understand how a gentleman could speak such dirty words so casually and shamelessly as Edward did.

"Turn me into a eunuch? I'm sure you'll regret that. Besides, don't forget that you're not a Colonel anymore. Quit trying to scare me." Edward shook his head, seemingly amused at Daisy's words. Her joke wasn't as funny as she intended it to be.

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