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   Chapter 884 Aaron’s Love For Anna (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8148

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:31

"Come on, Aaron, are you telling me you're worried that Shaun will go nuts after he knows his company is about to go bankrupt?" Edward teased Aaron, twitching his eyebrows. "He will be shaken, " he continued, "That's exactly what I want."

"No, I'm not worried at all. I don't know the guy, so why would I be worried? I have a lot of work to do. I don't have time to care about a stranger." Aaron angrily rolled his eyes at Edward. What a question! Why would he worry about a stranger?

"Then why do you care if he will be angry or not? Since he tried to mess with me, he has to pay the price. I won't attack unless I'm attacked; if I'm attacked, I'll definitely counterattack. I won't let him go so easily." Edward gnashed his teeth in hatred.

"Mr. Mu, is it true that the woman is Jessica? Excuse my terrible memory, but that doesn't look like her." Aaron touched his head inquiringly. He'd run into Jessica a couple of times, so he had a hazy memory of what she looked like, but he didn't see any similarity between the woman in the photo and her.

"She can change her facial appearance, but her voice remains the same. If you hear her talk, you'll know it's her." Edward's lips curled in a contemptuous smile. Jessica was stupid. She thought that she could deceive Edward by disguising herself. Maybe she didn't expect that her voice would betray her.

"Mr. Mu, what game is she playing? Hasn't she given up on you?" Like Rain, Aaron also enjoyed talking about other people's private lives.

"How would I know that? You can go ask her personally if you're curious. What her game is doesn't matter to me. She isn't the one I love, so why bother?" Edward was indifferent to other women as he was sweet on Daisy.

"I'm not crazy. The less contact I have with that woman, the better." Aaron showed the whites of his eyes. Suddenly, he realized that Edward could always say something to make him speechless.

"Curiosity kills the cat. I thought you wanted to know. Well, forget it. How are you doing with Anna?" Edward asked with a casual air. He bowed his head, his pen flowing rapidly over the paper. Aaron was so shocked that he almost slipped onto the floor from his seat.

"What -- What do you mean, Mr. Mu? I don't know what you're talking about." Aaron's face convulsed in a series of twitches. How could Edward know? He thought he'd kept his relationship with Anna on the DL. He'd underestimated Edward again.


on the back of the couch in his usual lazy sitting position.

"Pay close attention to this. It's an important project. You can't take it lightly, " Edward said in a serious tone, knitting his brows. The project was under construction in Daisy's army base. He couldn't bring shame to her name.

"Got it. You can count on me. Everything will be alright. And, ah, if I'm not mistaken, you were talking about me just now." He held a finger up while he said this, making it seem like the most important topic in the world. Rain ran his eyes over Edward and Aaron. He sensed that something was very wrong. They stopped as soon as he came, so he was sure that they were talking about him just now.

"Look at you. You worry me." Edward refrained from Rain's sensitive topic.

"Mr. Mu, I have to get back to work if there's nothing else." Aaron wanted to get out of there more than anything else in the world. He couldn't keep his cool if Rain kept poking at the topic. He didn't want the number two guy to find out anything.

"Okay. You can go. Get back to work. Pay more attention to Kompass Group. Let me know if anything changes." Edward tore his gaze from the computer screen and looked at Aaron. In his opinion, Shaun would soon find out that his company's stocks were secretly acquired. Before Shaun could react, he had to acquire all of their stocks in one fell swoop.

"By the way, Aaron, have you and Anna set a wedding date yet?" Rain raised his eyebrows and smiled wickedly at Aaron. What Rain said totally flustered the other man. Aaron scrunched himself up, and tried to fit in as small a space as possible.

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