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   Chapter 883 A Rising Star In The Fashion World (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7781

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:31

Next day in the morning, Leena was surrounded by the various weekly journals and newspapers, as well as the rumors. Looking at those newspapers and journals on her desk, she could not help twisting her mouth heavily. The contents in them were even more absurd. She really did not have the heart to read them. A rising star in the fashion field trying to seduce Blanc's successor? An ambitious woman aiming at becoming the daughter-in-law of a rich family? They even fabricated a wedding date! What was wrong with them? Did they go insane? Leena could not believe her eyes when reading this nonsense. Fortunately, most of the reports centered on her road to the fashion industry. So not all of those media companies and journalists focused on the nonexistent love story between her and Gerard. It made her feel better. What was more, those rumors were reported in France but not in her home country so Kevin was unable to see them. Otherwise, Leena would really be scared of Kevin's reaction to all that gossip. She did not think he was generous enough to let them go as a soldier. After all, he was not in the fashion industry, so he didn't make the tabloids, and did not know that sometimes the media liked to make things up to get more clicks or sell more papers.

What happened in Paris had no influence on S city at all. All those rumors concerning Leena were nothing to people here. It was still shining without any dark clouds in the sky. Everything was going so well, except that the woman named Melissa Xue always tried to stir up trouble.

At this time there was a casual atmosphere in a Presidential Suite at Kate Hotel. Several pairs of underwear belonging to both man and woman lay spread on the ground, and two naked bodies sprawled on the bed.

"Shaun, so how many shares of FX International Group's department stores do you own now?" Melissa put her white legs on Shaun Gao's body. She clung tightly to him and sweat was dripping off. Obviously, they just had enjoyed a luxurious coupling.

"Don't worry! I've already purchased 40 percent of their shares. But they didn't notice it at all! What fools! I thought their CEO was a smart man, but not so much anymore. So, you can just wait and see how I will defeat Edward Mu. There will be a time he'll beg me to save him!" Shaun laughed loudly as if everything wo

at's what I want. Once we do this, we can have a small conversation with those stakeholders. After all, no one will put their money in a company that's going to go bankrupt soon."

"Boss, I only got half of what you said, but we've already obtained all this information. All we're waiting on is their reaction. Ball's in their court. But their employees are pretty calm and complacent. They don't report the intrusion to their CEO." Aaron was quite curious in this respect. He wondered whether there was something he did not anticipate.

"They might be trying to purchase the stock in our department stores. So they have no idea at all of the danger they're in. That will cost them. Well, let them be and keep them ignorant of our activities! We'll surprise them with a deadly strike when they get 60 percent of our stocks, " stated Edward. He showcased his typical guile when faced with a threat. He would let them get their hopes up, and when they felt that they were about to win, he would pull the rug out from underneath them. At that time, there would be nothing but a dark hell waiting for them. It was almost impossible to defend themselves effectively at all, especially from one as devious as Edward.

"Indeed a deadly strike! Mr. Mu. I'm afraid they are going to be angry when that day comes." Aaron knew that whoever offended Edward or touched his bottom line would end up with trouble. So at the thought of the severe consequences they might face, he still could not help feeling sorry for them. But he knew those people deserved it.

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