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   Chapter 882 A Rising Star In The Fashion World (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7822

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:28

Leena was also shocked by her professor's speech. She would never expect that her dissertation was reviewed and deemed a success within such a short time. She thought it was going to take weeks! What was more, she did not know that this party was held in her honor, and was surprised to hear her professor's proclamation. Now she had the lion's share of the attention from everyone at the party. Camera lights flashed through her to catch her every movement. She was kind of in a mess inside and did not know what to do and how to react to her sudden fame. Despite this, she still smiled at everyone. A capable woman from a prominent family would always know how to show her best side in public.

Many of the guests were sure that this Asian girl would headline the fashion weeks in Paris thanks to Bella, her professor's promotion. After all, in Europe, most of Bella's favorite students were fashion icons with a high reputation in the fashion field. Being Bella's student and a successful dissertation were half the battle. As one of her students, Leena was born to be a new favorite in the fashion industry.

Leena knew clearly that as her professor, Bella would be kind to her. But she did not expect that she would be so nice that she would push her to the peak. Leena felt extremely flattered. Yet more thoughts and anxieties sprang into her mind. She was not sure whether she was capable enough to make it and live up to Bella's expectations.

She had already become a minor celebrity in the fashion field these years. Her high-profile showing tonight would make her more noticeable. She was going to be the focus of many people's thoughts for quite a long time. Leena was happy and thankful for Bella's arrangement. Yet she felt worried, too. She didn't know if this was the best thing for her. After all, being too prominent might result in jealousy from others, right?

"Mignonne, congratulations. your dissertation is safe now." Although Gerard congratulated her on her dissertation, his voice sounded quite lonely. He thought she would stay here for quite a long time before she went back to her home country. But her dissertation went so smoothly. There was not even one rejection from the review board. Bella must love her so much to have instructed her so wholeheartedly. She must have been an excellent student in Bella's

id not want to accept this fact.

"What about you? Can you guarantee that you aren't just fascinated with me for the moment? You think you love me. But maybe even you can't make such a promise. Gerard, let go of me! Admit it; we are not a couple." Leena kept nodding at people who greeted her. Even she was talking about such a sad and serious topic with Gerard, she still retained her bright and sweet smile. She did not expect that those journalists would describe that she and Gerard acted intimately while they were talking. She did not know that this man who seemed so well-mannered and appeared to be born into a prominent family was the youngest son of Blanc Group's CEO in France. At least, not till the next morning when all the newspapers reported them. No wonder the paparazzi was so thick and so aggressive. The many fashion icons at the party were just a small part of the reason why there were so many cameras trained on them. This rich guy Gerard was another important reason.

Blanc Group was a grand financial clique in France. It was said that many of Gerard's family members had royal blood. The family was the wealthiest in all of France. And their net worth, according to incomplete statistics, was great enough to control half of the economic lifelines in the country. There was no doubt that this family was strong and powerful. So, as one of the inheritors of this group, Gerard was always in the spotlight, always in the headlines. Every media company wanted first-hand news about him so that their papers would outsell the others.

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