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   Chapter 881 A Rising Star In The Fashion World (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7759

Updated: 2019-01-12 00:18

Most of the party guests were business tycoons or fashion stars. The red dress Leena was in highlighted her fair and milky skin, making her look even more like a goddess. She was indeed the central figure at the party. All the men had their eyes on Leena. It was always a pleasure for them to see a beautiful woman. Leena greeted them politely. Her bright smile and good manners made her stand out like an elegant princess. As she made her way through the crowd, all the attention was on her.

"You are so beautiful tonight, Mignonne, " said Gerard affectionately, as he approached Leena. Anyone who wanted to talk to Leena had to go through this handsome gentleman, and there was no comparison. He was quite high-class and stunningly majestic. Everyone else was out of his league.

"Thank you, Gerard. You look very handsome tonight too." Leena smiled and greeted him politely. She did not expect Gerard to be here, because she never heard him mention a thing about it.

"Then, can I have the honor of accompanying you tonight?" Gerard raised his eyebrows and showed her an elated smile. Leena had known him for so many years and was familiar with his various smiles. So she was not attracted to him at all. But things went differently when it came to other people. They gasped at the sight of his charming smile and pearly whites because he was probably the most handsome man at the party. Obviously, they all went crazy for him. After all, a beautiful face was simply another form of art. Everyone enjoyed beautiful things, whether they were masculine or feminine.

"It's my pleasure. Thank you so much, " Leena replied with a sweet smile. The reason she decided to accept Gerard's offer was in order to avoid more potential invitations from other men. She did not want to have a stranger be her partner. Now that Gerard offered, why not accept it? At least, she knew Gerard better compared with other men.

"Well, Mignonne, where is your husband? I don't see him. Has he already gone back?" Gerard asked in a careful tone. He had been knocking at Leena's door for the last few days. But every time he went to her apartment, that cold and overbearing man always sent him back. He was really angry with him. But he could not show his anger in front of him. After all, that man was Leena's husband and he was just a "

was able to meet many famous designers from different well-known brands. She had heard their names but never had the chance to meet them before. She was pleased to talk to them. But she also knew that they could hardly become true friends because they were still competitors in the same field to some degree. Despite this, it was always good to make her face known to them so that she would not be left alone by others in this field. Sometimes, she might get inspiration from their idea or works.

The professor hit the glass with a spoon, three times in rapid succession. She then addressed the room: "May I have your attention, please? I'm pleased that you spared your time to attend this party tonight. I would like to express my deep thanks to all of you. And this party tonight is particularly held for my favorite student — Mignonne. I'm proud of her. She has finished her dissertation smoothly, which means she is going to be one of the rising stars in the fashion field. I would appreciate it if you can give her more attention. Her brand is a runaway success, and you need to watch this rising star. She's had this brand for a while, and now you know the face behind the designs. Of course, your valuable suggestions are kindly welcomed."

Hardly had her voice faded away when a thunder of applause sounded throughout the room. Meanwhile, they turned their eyes to Leena. They all knew this lady was the favorite student of the famous designer who had lots of well-known fashion brands. Leena was also the only Asian girl at the party.

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