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   Chapter 878 Loyalty (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6361

Updated: 2019-01-11 02:39

"Don't lie to me, " said Daisy. Daisy opened her eyes a bit. Actually she wouldn't be that afraid if that thing didn't touch her skin. In the past she killed lots of snakes in the rainforest. However, she didn't want it to be closer to her body.

"I'm telling you the truth. I promise, " said Edward, with a wry smile on his perfect face. It was a rare thing for Daisy to be scared, so Edward was highly amused.

"Darling, What's this? It's so beautiful!" said Daisy in surprise. Daisy lowered her head and saw a very lifelike necklace of phoenix. She stretched out her hand and touched it. It felt cold. Although she usually disliked wearing jewelry, she liked it on sight. She and the phoenix had something in common -- both have risen from the ashes and been born anew.

"It's called Ice Rain. Do you like it? It's a gift for your promotion, " Edward said. He knew Daisy liked this necklace when he saw the smile on her face. But he needed confirmation.

"Yeah. I like it. The name's also poetic. Thank you, " said Daisy. Then, she stood on tiptoe, and kissed his cold, soft lips. She liked kissing him.

"That's good. I was worried that you might not like it." Edward realized later that his wife had become increasingly dependent on him. She would kiss him furtively, and smiled as broadly as a girl who had her first taste of chocolate or love.

"How come? It's beautiful. Why would anybody not like it? By the way, did you sneak out and buy it for me today?" Daisy rested her arms on the hips, raised her head and looked Edward in the eye. A sense of happiness swept over her beautiful slender face.

"Yeah. I caught sight of it at a ribbon-cutting ceremony a couple days ago. I thought, 'I bet Daisy would like this.' But life got in the way, and I had to put it off. I barely had time to get it today, to be honest." Of course, Edward wasn't about to tell her the whole story, i

isy was always busy and spent less time at home with him. She almost had no holidays, since accidents occurred all the time, and then she would be under orders to go and deal with them.

"I guess you'll abandon me and find another beautiful and young girl. Guys do that all the time, " answered Daisy in an aggrieved tone of voice. If he thought she was paranoid and pessimistic, oh well. She still wanted an answer from him. Would he cheat on her? Would he cast her out? Would he stay true to her for the rest of their lives? The more she thought about that, the more anxious she became.

"I admit that I've spent my life gathering beautiful things, so I never have to look at anything ugly. So if you want our love to last forever, take care of yourself, stay young and beautiful. Then, I'll be yours forever." Even if Daisy somehow turned ugly, whether through age or disfigurement, Edward would never abandon her. He was more confident about that than anything else in the world. However, he still couldn't help teasing her.

"Do you hate me then?" asked Daisy. Daisy touched her face, and felt her skin was dry, probably because of the dry weather in autumn. It would be much better and softer in spring and summer, Daisy thought to herself remorsefully.

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