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   Chapter 876 I'm Not Scared Because It's You (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8647

Updated: 2019-01-11 00:42

"I hope so. Where is Edward? I don't see him around." When Duke had entered the house, he could tell something was amiss. He realized now why he had that strange feeling. It was because the master of the house was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh! Is he not here? I was in the kitchen, I didn't see him just now. He is probably upstairs. You could go to the study and see if he's there." Upon hearing Duke's words, Daisy looked about, but didn't see Edward anywhere.

"Duke, I'll tell you! If you ask me nicely, I can inform you of Edward's whereabouts, " Rain said, crossing his legs leisurely.

"Uncle Rain, don't fool around. Daddy only said that he was going out, he didn't say where he was heading to, " Justin said, engrossed in the game on his cellphone. Like most young boys, he loved to play mobile games. However, what made him stand out was that he also liked to design those games. In this regard, few of them were as talented as he was.

"Justin, don't embarrass me. Isn't it Leena you're always picking a fight with? Why is it my turn today?" Rain said, gritting his teeth. Justin had played a trick on him before and he hadn't fully recovered from it yet. It seemed like Justin didn't want to stop either. He was making trouble for him again.

"It is because Aunt Leena is not here today. If she was here, I would be exhausted only trying to deal with her. I probably wouldn't have the energy to even speak to you, " Justin responded without raising his head from the game. His hand casually swiped at the cellphone screen.

"Hey! Little boy, why does it sound like I am only a substitute for your amusement?" Rain asked, offended by Justin's words.

"Haha! Uncle Rain, sorry if I made you think that. But a substitute is not the worst thing to be. Don't be so pessimistic." Justin finally looked up at him after thrashing the last monster in the game. He tilted his head and flashed Rain a smug smile.

"Oh, please! I'm a substitute, that's already depressing. No, that does not sound right. What am I saying? Do I really want to be a substitute for Leena and become the primary target of your tricks? You devious little boy. You're trying to set me up." Rain finally saw through Justin. He was indeed clever. Rain was fortunate to figure out Justin's trap in time and save himself from falling into it.

"Ah! It's forgivable if a person is not too intelligent. But if someone is just straight up dumb, then no medicine can cure him." Tom shook his head, poking fun at Rain. He was bored because Jonathan was not there to play chess with him. How could he not grab th

s be the considerate boy my Mommy has brought me up to be." Justin grinned. In fact, he knew better than anyone else how his Mommy had struggled in the past years. How was it even possible that he'd want to make her sad?

"Okay! That's good. Aunt Belinda loves obedient boys the best." Belinda pinched his pink cheeks, wondering when she could have such an adorable boy of her own.

"Where are you going?" Edward walked out of the garage after parking his car. He happened to come across Belinda and Justin who were strolling along the gardens.

"Daddy, you're back! Where have you been?" Justin had become more cheerful after coming to live with Edward. He did not sulk like before.

"I went to deal with some business. Belinda, are you trying to steal my son?" Edward teased her in a playful tone. There had been much good-natured banter between them when they first met. It was hard for Edward to imagine that Belinda would marry Duke, whose personality was completely different from hers.

"Yes, I want to take him away, but only if he is willing to go with me. By the way! Are you coming back from a date with your secret lover?" Although Edward was no longer a womanizer and did not flirt around with other women, Belinda hadn't completely forgiven him for his past romantic affairs.

"Of course! Secret lover. I wonder if the CEO of YS too partakes in such hobbies. I can recommend some handsome men to you." Edward flashed her a charming smile, his bright eyes filled with mischief. He waited for Belinda's response to that.

"I'm not like you, so promiscuous and lewd." Belinda pursed her lips and raised her chin in scorn. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Edward, in a manner of a haughty princess.

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