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   Chapter 875 Better Than Male Soldiers (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8246

Updated: 2019-01-11 00:12

"Don't rush, Shaun. I have got a question for you, Mr. Mu. Have you bought this necklace?" Melissa asked with curiosity. She eyed the delicate gift box in Edward's hand with admiration.

"Yes, I have. Do you have any other questions to ask, Miss Xue?" Edward turned his head to look at Melissa. The wry smile on his face lingered.

"How do you know my name?" Melissa asked in shock. She never introduced herself to Edward, and thought that she had been doing well in hiding her real identity from him. 'Has he had me investigated already? Could that explain Rain's unusual behavior that day?' she wondered. 'If it weren't true, why would Rain have come to me and started rambling?'

"I heard Manager Chen call you that name. Am I wrong? Is your family name not Xue?" Edward asked, pretending innocence on purpose. That was his style. At first he let his opponent breathe a sigh of relief, then he delivered the deadly blow unexpectedly.

"No, Mr. Mu. You're not wrong. My family name is Xue, " she explained herself in haste. She looked at Edward in panic.

"If that's the case, I'm glad to meet you, Miss Xue, " Edward replied sincerely. His smile was charming, as if he had no idea that she was actually Jessica. A stranger might think that Edward was being respectful to a lady he had met for the first time. However, Jessica knew him too well to be fooled by his fake kindness. He must be trying very hard to control his anger in public. She still intended to buy that necklace, but didn't dare suggest it. She doubted Shaun had seen through Edward's trick.

"Mr. Mu, as it is you who bought that necklace, you can just give it to us. What's the point of arguing with us?" Shaun asked him. He was eager to find new ammunition to fire at Edward.

"I bought it for my wife. I am sorry that I am unable to satisfy your wishes, " Edward answered. He clenched his fists slowly, determined to gift this necklace to Daisy. Nobody could successfully prevent him from doing so.

"There are so many other jewelries for sale here. Why can't you pick another one for your wife?" Shaun repeated what Manager Chen had suggested to him before Edward had come to confront him. As far as he was concerned, a wife was easily pleased by any piece of jewelry. There was no need to pick a fight over a necklace. He looked at Edward suspiciously, wondering why he cared for his wife so much if he could have loads of mistresses to play around with. He was truly a myster

rare to see him smile at anybody, since he was well known as a cold and aloof man.

"Thank you, Duke. Is Leena all right now?" Edward had told her that Leena had fallen ill in France. However, Daisy had been extremely busy recently and couldn't spare any time to call Leena.

"Yeah. She's recovering quickly and will be fine in a couple of days. Don't worry so much about her, " Duke replied comfortingly. Duke had always trusted Daisy's capabilities and knew that she had a promising career ahead. 'After she got promoted, would she have less time left to be with her family?' he wondered. If so, Edward would resent the prospect of spending even less time with his wife.

"I hope she comes back soon. It's been about half a month since she left." Daisy frowned, wondering if Kevin was getting along with Leena. She sincerely wished that Kevin could forget her and learn to love his wife.

"I'm afraid she has to stay there for longer. However, she'll be back sooner than expected. I employed some maids to take care of her but she sent them back. It's a bit concerning, her being alone in the apartment." Duke sighed. He had instructed Leena to be careful and not to relax her guard while she was living there alone. But she never listened to him.

"Set your heart at rest. Leena is an independent girl. I'm sure she knows how to look after herself, " Daisy said, smiling pleasantly. Daisy wasn't as worried about Leena as Duke was, since she trusted that Leena could adapt well to the environment. Besides, since Leena had studied in France before, it would not be difficult for her to make friends and live in France comfortably.

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