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   Chapter 874 Better Than Male Soldiers (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8305

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"You're an uneducated man, and good for nothing. If I were you, I would let go of Manager Chen as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will take you to the police and get your ass kicked. It will teach you a lesson." When Rain challenged his temper and patience, Edward was fine with it. However, he wanted to strangle Shaun when he did that.

"Hah! Don't be ridiculous. You think you can arrest me and put me in jail? Let me remind you that you are not in charge of the police force, in case you have forgotten that." The overconfident Shaun didn't notice that Melissa was rooted in her spot, standing very still. She stared at the man she both loved and hated so much. Although a long time had passed since she last saw Edward, she still found him attractive and charming. Her breath was caught as she was lost in his beauty once again.

"Boss, I..." Manager Chen's voice trailed off. He shot Edward an embarrassed look, regretting coming across such a difficult client.

"It's fine. I've got you covered, " Edward said in an assuring voice. Since this confrontation had occurred because of him, he wouldn't walk away and leave Manager Chen with this mess. Besides, the manager was a loyal and qualified employee. Edward was determined to protect him.

"Hah! I am just afraid that it's out of your control, " Shaun said scornfully. He was arrogant and a bully. Even though he heard Chen address Edward as boss, he didn't give a damn about it. In his eyes, the mall was no match to Kompass Group. However, he did think that Edward was quite handsome. His features were sharp, which lent him an extraordinary charm. Shaun would not mind befriending such a charismatic man.

Melissa knew Edward's true identity. She hated Shaun for provoking him that way. What a fool he was, she thought. Before they came here, she had shown him Edward's background files. However, Shaun seemed to remember nothing including Edward's charming appearance. 'This is like committing suicide, ' Melissa thought with fury. At that moment, she knew Shaun couldn't be relied upon to destroy FX International Group. She was so naive to trust him with the task.

"As the CEO of this mall, I'm responsible for dealing with all accidents that occur here. Also, I'm quite capable of solving any difficulties. Any problems?" Edward sneered.

In any case, Edward wouldn't allow this necklace to be bought by somebody else. It was rare that an accessory suited Daisy so well. Besides, in his opinion, the Ice Rai

just like Manager Chen said, you are the one who failed to keep an appointment with us. Now it's our right to sell this necklace to other clients, " Edward pointed out. He hadn't known that Manager Chen had fixed an appointment time with Shaun until he was informed about it a few moments ago. He decided to work out a solution to keep the necklace. Since it was Shaun who failed to keep the appointment, it made things much easier.

"Are you not ashamed to say that as the president of an international company?" Shaun asked. He gritted his teeth, knowing deep down that he was making wrong accusations. However, he couldn't just swallow his pride and walk away like a pathetic, beaten dog.

"We didn't do anything wrong as a company. I think you should know that well, since you too run a large company, " Edward answered him patiently. He radiated calm confidence. Edward found it ridiculous to even consider Shaun as a worthy and competent opponent.

"Mr. Mu, I'm going to do you a favor and allow you to keep this necklace. Just this once. Melissa, let's get out of here. I must have been mad to go shopping today, " Shaun said, sulking. He turned and walked toward the door. He knew that Edward was convincing in his arguments and that in fact, Shaun himself was fighting a losing war. So he chose to give up, even though he was unwilling to submit. He couldn't be seen defying Edward's authority publicly. An ancient proverb says that the man who can recognize the reality of a situation is the paragon of men. Therefore, Shaun chose to walk away so he could avoid the confrontation with Edward, who was perhaps the most powerful man in town.

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