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   Chapter 873 Ice Rain Necklace (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8328

Updated: 2019-01-10 00:54

Edward arrived at the MY Mall soon. His tall figure and handsome face made him the focus of everyone there. Countless ladies showed great interests in him from the moment he got off the car. Those didn't matter. He ignored everyone and made a beeline to the Dora Jewelry.

"Welcome to Dora Jewelry, Mr. Mu." The manager of Dora Jewelry had been waiting there after getting the phone call from his assistant. The president of FX International Group must be treated with the utmost care.

"Good evening, Manager Chen. You've worked hard." Edward smiled in a friendly way as he always respected his employees.

"Thank you, Mr. Mu. I should have sent the necklace to your house but Aaron said that you were on the way, so..." The manager was in his forties. He was not the type that you would notice in a crowd but he was not bad-looking either. He showed great respect to Edward.

"It's okay. I'd love to fetch it for my wife. Where's the necklace? I'd like to see it, please, " Edward said in a gentle voice as he walked to the counter. He had only seen the necklace once so it was necessary for him to double-check whether it would look good on Daisy.

"Mr. Mu, take a seat. I'm going to get it for you." The manager went to the safe.

Edward didn't sit down but decided to look at the jewelry being showcased. He would like to see if there was any other jewelry that would suit Daisy.

"Mr. Mu, here is the Ice Rain. Take a closer look, please." The manager went back with a deluxe box. He opened it and showed it before Edward. The diamonds sparkled brilliantly under the soft light like they were emitting coldness. Maybe that was why it was named "Ice Rain".

"Great!" Edward took the box, sat down on a sofa and picked up the necklace with the utmost care he could muster. He enjoyed the glittering stones and creative settings. The design of the necklace was actually simple but the most valuable part of the necklace was the purity of the diamonds. Moreover, the pendant was a small but vivid flying red phoenix. The designer combined the elements of fire and ice. It was a surprise how the two contradicting elements came up really harmoniously.

"Mr. Mu, you really have an eye for jewelry. This is the latest necklace this year. Only ten have been made because of their cost. We are lucky enough to have one of them." The manager introduced the necklace to Edward and wondered what excuse he should make to the guest who had given the down payment.

"Really? Just pack

ghtly. Melissa was downright upset for missing the beloved necklace. She didn't even notice that someone was staring at her with disdain from behind.

"I didn't say you had no money to buy it. Miss Xue said she would come back and buy the necklace before four in the afternoon. It's already six in the evening now. So, Miss Xue broke her promise first. We thought she wouldn't come back so we sold the necklace to another guest. We actually have enough reasons not to pay you the liquidated damages but our boss is kind enough to offer two million dollars to Miss Xue." Manager Chen still explained in a clear way in spite of his collar still being grasped by Shaun. After all, he was a professional manager.

"You mean we should take the blame, huh?" Melissa asked in a chilly tone. She hated Shaun like poison. When she came to the hotel where he stayed this afternoon, he threw her into bed and had sex with her the whole nine yards. That was why she came here late.

"Damn it! How dare you? You are asking for death!" Melissa's instigation finally burst Shaun's poor temper. He raised his right fist high and was about to punch the manager's face. He was so close to hitting the man when a calm yet authoritative voice suddenly came from behind.

"If you dare punch him, you'll be sorry." Shaun and Melissa turned their heads and saw Edward approaching. Edward gazed at Shaun with a teasing smile as he completely ignored Melissa.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you have a finger in the pie?" Shaun raised his chin and cast a scornful glance at Edward. Edward looked familiar to him but Shaun was unable to recall who the man in front of him was.

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