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   Chapter 872 Ice Rain Necklace (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8203

Updated: 2019-01-10 01:10

"Guys, there's no need to call Kevin. He needs to work overtime at the army base. I don't think he has time to come over, " Daisy explained. A party was about to be held at the army base that evening and Daisy was supposed to take part in that occasion too. Considering her situation, the commander gave her a break so that she could join her family and share her joy.

"Then, let's just call Duke, " Edward said as he looked at Daisy with eyes filled with affection and desire.

"Well, I'm going to the kitchen to help." Keenly aware of the way he looked at her, Daisy automatically blushed as her heartbeat doubled. She made an excuse to leave and suppressed the mini heart attacks his heated gaze gave her. It was given that they had been a couple for quite some time and even had a son already, nevertheless, Daisy was still too shy about displaying her affection for him in public. It was just really not her cup of tea.

"Daisy, you're worn out. Just get some rest." Cynthia tried to intercept but Daisy was in such a hurry and acted as if she didn't hear. It was so obvious that she was trying to get away from her husband and her moves just made Edward even more amused. He ended up suppressing a grin as he watched how beautifully awkward she was.

"Mom, let her go. She will be okay, " said Edward to Cynthia. He knew Daisy like the back of his hand. She was a traditional and conservative woman. That was fine with Edward. He was not the type of man to stop his woman from doing anything she wanted just as long as she wouldn't get hurt.

"Come on, I just want her to take a rest. Pity! Daisy is far too honest. Why don't you teach her how to be more cunning?" A deep sigh came out of Cynthia's chest as she shook her head. She had decided to follow Daisy to the kitchen and help too. Well, she pretty much didn't know anything about cooking but to chat with Daisy as she cooked would somehow help kill time.

After Cynthia entered the kitchen, Edward then sat down on the sofa with a smile as he thought about what gift she would like for her promotion.

"Duke just got off the plane. He will come here directly." Rain informed Edward after he hung the phone up. What a pity! Only Leena was unable to join the party tonight.

"Got it! I have to go get something done." Edward answered as he stood up and made his way to the entrance.

"Where are you going?" Rain asked but Edward didn't even turn a cheek to answer and just conti

ive necklace but then there were many rich people in S City.

"Sure. Just wait a minute. I'll make the call now." Aaron answered as he picked up another phone. He went straight to dial the number of Dora Jewelry's manager.

"All right! Hurry up! If it was sold, I would have to change my route, " Edward said as he slowed the car. If the necklace had been sold, he would have to buy another gift for Daisy and turn at the next intersection. He was under time-pressure and had no plans of wasting another minute.

"Boss, the manager of Dora Jewelry just said that the necklace was booked but the buyer hasn't taken it away yet." Aaron held two phones against both of his ears. He wanted to scold himself and thought, 'Why didn't I just send the manager's number to Mr. Mu? Or I can just ask the manager to call Mr. Mu himself. I look like an idiot with two phones against my head!'

"Great! Ask the manager to keep it for me. I'll be right there in ten minutes. Oh by the way, if you are available this evening, why don't you come to my house to join the party?" Edward hung the phone up even before Aaron could say something. He pressed the accelerator hard and drove his way to Dora Jewelry.

"What? Boss, is there a party tonight? ..." Aaron was stunned when the busy tone cut him off. What was going on? What party was it? Why did Edward make the party a secret? He even hung the phone up before he could ask. He had no choice but to attend the party now since it was his boss who personally invited him. But that wasn't actually the problem, it was the fact that Aaron was single. Who on earth would he drag to be his date?

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